“A blatant abuse of power” – Durban speaks out against Zuma

The public protector found President Jacob Zuma in dereliction of his duty to protect state funds. RUMANA AKOOB found out what people in Durban had to say about the Nkandla Report.

photo 1 (2)Malwande Mgadi, 19, mechanical engineering student, Umlazi

People are always going to use power to their advantage. It’s not really my money. Even if Zuma wasn’t using the money, what would that money do for me? In Mandela’s time, good came out of it, but my mom would tell you she actually preferred the apartheid government to the government we have now because, as much as they were oppressed, they had everything they needed.

Just because you were part of the movement during apartheid, you want to be president. Obviously there’s going to be corruption. Right now we live in reverse apartheid.


sylviaSilvia Fleurs, 46, nurse, Durban

The misuse of government funds stinks when our hospitals are in an appalling state. The fact that he is doing this while he knows there are so many children and the old who are in care homes and barely have food to survive… It’s nothing to them. They should use our tax money, that we work so hard to pay, they should put it to a better use than the president having such a massive house.




two people

Aven Shunmmugam, 29, mechanic, Newlands

This is a blatant abuse of power. R246 million could have been used for the country to change things like schools, hospitals and e-tolls. I bet his fowls have a better house than I do. We need to hear him justify the use of this money. I just wonder if all this money was used on his house or some hidden way to buy votes from people. This house needs to be taken away and he should be given an RDP house. He needs to know what people go through.

Beverley Shunmmugam, 28, food technologist, Newlands

This opens up a whole new can of worms. If they found this, where else was Zuma misusing and abusing money? I doubt this will change voters’ perceptions because the ANC will still be voted into power. He needs to pay back every cent, with interest.


stewartLlewall Stuatt, 42, unemployed, Durban

He’s stealing from his people and keeping them from growing. People need that money to learn to be self-sufficient. It’s a big waste of money. It’s corruption through and through, and then you want people to vote for you. It’s just ridiculous. I am unemployed and am unable to work. My disability grant is not enough for an entire month and he’s upgrading his home.


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