Academic activities at Sefako Makgatho University Health Sciences University suspended

Students from the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (previously MEDUNSA) in Pretoria have shut down their campus in protest against fee increases and their dissatisfaction with a and one particular lecturer.

Madibela SD, a BSc Physiotherapy student at the university told The Daily Vox that the students have decided to occupy the Vice Chancellor’s office.

He says the students have three main demands which have been collated in a memorandum.

“There’s an off-campus residence that students are not happy with. They are saying it is not habitable. The management wants to extend the contract yet our students want to move out of that residence. Number two is an issue about a particular lecturer in the pathology department that is busy failing students. And the issue of fees also: after the announcement of the Minister of Higher Education and Training,” he said.

Students  protested in 2014 demanding that certain lecturers be suspended for the same reasons.

Classes were also cancelled on Tuesday by order of the interim vice chancellor, Chris de Beer in line with requests by the SRC body in order to facilitate the student consultative meetings.

A member of the SRC at the university has said that academic activities continue to be suspended as per the agreement from the student body meeting.

University management has said they have not yet received the memorandum from the Transitional SRC and will meet with representatives and discuss the memo once it has been received. They have also said a decision on the fee increases for the 2017 academic year will only be taken much later and only after consultation with student representatives.

DT Moloko, coordinator of the SRC has said that students are protesting on Wednesday about the fees announcement as well as internal issues such as the residence and problems with exams. They are going to be handing in the memorandum later on Tuesday. They are in support of the #FeesMustFall movement but Moloko says: “Our stance as the Sefako Makgatho student body is that we want decrement of fees of the current one. We do not want 0%. And if they fail to do so, we are going to continue with the protest.”

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  1. Julius says

    He is not failing us. Some are not passing. It’s not the same thing. We can’t want our degrees in medicine handed to us. If we can’t pass anapath we should not become doctors.

    1. Miranda says

      If that were true the class average wouldn’t be 38%. We know medicine isn’t easy and we do not wish to be spoon fed…we just want fair assessments. For test 2 58% of the class failed and for test 3 79% failed…..that should speak loud enough.

      1. Jon Low says

        The students simply aren’t up to scratch with uni level studies.

    2. You know who this is too says

      I am a student in that class. I am no where near failing. I will however not use that to hide behind the truth.
      People like you are ignorant. We know who you are and you have barely been to class meetings and do not know what the issues are.
      This stance was taken by the student body for reasons beyond what you mention and clearly do not know as you have continually shown disinterest in student matters.

      Stop hiding behind a screen and come stand up for your opinion.
      You are being a coward, no different from cyber bullies. Come and speak up. Some of us are.

  2. Thuto says

    #SMUStudentBody has concluded that we are not prepared for anything that has to do with 0% increment, we can only settle for fee Decrement of 50% until such a time the national government will declare free quality education

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