All I want for Christmas: Kids respond [PHOTOS]

Christmas is on the horizon and many little children are agonising over whether they’ve been naughty or nice enough for Santa to notice. RA’EESA PATHER asked children in Cape Town what sort of presents they hoped to get for this Christmas this year.

Katelyn Smith, 4
I want a Barbie. A big one!

Katelyn Smith

Rohan Mehta-Welte, “4 and a half “
I want a Christmas tree and lots of stuff, like presents and stuff!

Rohan Mehta-Welte

Zeba Petersen, 6
I want a party packet. It must have chocolate and lollipops and cooldrink. I’m going to keep it for later.

Zeba Petersen

Carys Lekay, 7
A dollhouse with a big doll. I want to call the doll Sophia, and I want to play with her. My dollhouse must have a bedroom and curtains and play food and some doors and flowers outside.

Carys Lekay

Tyler Kerchhof, 7
An electrical scooter! I’m going to ride it around in my yard at my house, and in front of my house. My mommy must buy it for me. Father Christmas isn’t real! [spoilers!]

Tyler Kerchhof

Tlotlo Gaedie, 8
Father Christmas can bring me a bicycle for Christmas, so I can ride it. Then, when it’s time for sleep I will put it away. Then another day, I will wash it.

Tlotlo GaedieAphelele Ndamase, 11
I’d like a PlayStation 4. I think I’m going to get it, because I’m going to pass school.

Aphelele Ndamase

– Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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