Onwards to Decolonising the Book!

This year’s Time of the Writer Festival promises to be 🔥🔥🔥. First up, the festival runs from Monday 14 March – Saturday 19 March at various venues across Durban, in Clermont, Cato Manor, Umlazi, Inanda and KwaMashu.. i’m so excited for Time of the Writer i thought it’s next week — uNozitori (@uzamantungwa) March 1, 2016 getting […]

Tell us why you support us – #WhyiVOX

Dear Readers, The Daily Vox started off as an experiment. When we first launched the project as South Africa Votes in January 2014, we anticipated covering the elections through the eyes of South African youth, and then, well, get back to our lives. Eighteen months later, and we are now a respected media organisation, disrupting […]

Top of the Vox by the Daily Vox

Curated by assistant editor Theresa Mallinson, Top of the Vox is a roundup of the best and biggest stories each week. The newsletter focuses on what everyone’s talking about – and what you may have missed out on. We also throw in some videos, cartoons, and whatever takes our fancy to get you in the […]

Special editorial: We aren’t shy to take a position on Palestine

Executive editor AZAD ESSA explains why this conflict should matter to South Africans. When we started The Daily Vox, we wanted to zoom in on South Africa. We wanted to tell stories that affected South Africans, stories that moved young South Africans in particular. After publishing 58 stories over the course of three weeks, we published an article related to […]

#BlackMonday: We must centre farmworkers in the ‘farm killings’ debate

Though writers have opined on the apartheid nostalgia exhibited by #BlackMonday protesters, there has been silence in terms of placing land and non-white bodies residing or working on farms at the heart of this violence. Shouldn’t every Monday be a Black Monday in South Africa, asks Sobantu Mzwakali. The #BlackMonday witnessed thus far was not […]

“My brother would still be around if Life Esidimeni didn’t close down”

The Life Esidimeni arbitrations are currently taking place in Parktown, following the deaths of mentally ill patients in government care. Many relatives expressed their pain for the death of their loved ones. The psychiatric hospital closed down in May 2016, relocating and discharging its patients to several NGOs to cut down costs. The arbitration was […]

Lindiwe Sisulu: “The people of Zimbabwe are probably justly unhappy with us”

African National Congress leaders have in the past not taken strong stances on Zimbabwe, and President Robert Mugabe’s authoritarian rule, preferring instead “soft diplomacy”. Now, ANC presidential hopeful Lindiwe Sisulu says the ANC should have taken a stronger stance on Zimbabwe. In an interview with The Daily Vox, Sisulu said that South Africa has now […]

How Banyana Banyana won 2017

By winning the Cosafa Cup in September this year, Banyana Banyana has become the pride of the nation. Their superb display was the result of great effort behind the scenes, Sana Jeewa explains. Years of persistence and untold dedication to establish women’s football at the highest level from the South African Football Association has lead […]

Sub-Saharan migrants traded like merchandise in Libya

Black bodies are being traded at auctions in Libya, and the world has been slow to respond. It’s become such a part of Libyan society that people are being openly sold in marketplaces. The Daily Vox rounds up. The Guardian published an article seven months ago about the sale of West African migrants in Libya. […]

Nuclear, security, fees and the ties that bind

In 2017 South Africa has faced rising electricity costs, near drought conditions in the Western Cape, a corruption crisis with the state social grant system, rising tensions in the struggle for free tertiary education, and concerns over the progress of a purported R1-trillion nuclear power deal.  In the midst of this, the ruling faction of […]

I wanted to be more white

[Editor’s note]: On 5 November 2017, the Weekend Argus published a column by Kfm presenter Sherlin Barends, in which she commented on the athlete Wayde van Niekerk’s marriage to Chesney Campbell, a university lecturer. The original headline, which referred to Van Niekerk not marrying up, was subsequently altered after a public backlash, and Barends and […]

Egypt’s failed Arab Spring revolution: A warning for Zimbabwe

The dramatic military coup in Zimbabwe last week indicates that President Robert Mugabe’s days are numbered. Despite his claims otherwise on national television, there is speculation that he has signed his resignation letter. But as the aftermath of Egypt’s Arab Spring revolution shows, Zimbabweans should temper their relief and jubilation. The Daily Vox explains. What […]

Young Joburgers say it is time for Mugabe to resign

Zimbabwe’s ongoing crisis has deepened following a televised, national address on Sunday night by President Robert Mugabe where he failed to announce his resignation as many had speculated. The Daily Vox team asked young people living in Johannesburg about what they think will be best for the country moving forward. Thami Phili, 22, student, Soweto […]

Five things you should know about Emmerson Mnangagwa

The former vice president of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa is rumoured to be the next president of the country following a military coup last week. He was set to succeed 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe but then axed in early November with some saying place was being made for Grace Mugabe, wife of the president. Mnangagwa, 75, […]

What to do when you are faced with hate speech

We all have those friends on Facebook who claim they have an absolute right to their opinion. “Well, that’s my opinion and I am entitled to it. It’s a free country.” Fair enough, the “free country” line has become outdated. But certainly not outdated as the apartheid flag which has recently been pulled out the […]

After a devastating fire, teargas and rubber bullets at Foreman Road

On Thursday, police in Durban used teargas and rubber bullets to disperse an angry crowd of Foreman Road residents, who picketed in the streets after eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede failed to arrive for a meeting with the community. Residents of the Foreman Road informal settlement in Durban were promised building materials and the chance to […]

How Thabo Mbeki helped Robert Mugabe steal an election

A number of Zimbabweans do not want South Africa or the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to intervene in the ongoing crisis. A citizen in Bulawayo started a petition to stop SADC from interfering with the political transition in Zimbabwe on Thursday. The petition has been signed by over 19 000 supporters. It aims to […]

The bad news for Zimbabwe: military coups rarely end well

The ongoing situation in Zimbabwe might not technically be classified as a coup – at least according to the Zimbabwean army and other officials. However, coup or not, the many times the military has seized power in the African continent show that military coups and takeovers are never a good thing for the people. The […]

What the Zimbabwe crisis means for South Africa

With the ongoing coup playing out in Zimbabwe, what could this mean for South Africa as a neighbour state and Zimbabwe’s biggest trading partner? Zimbabwe’s military on Wednesday claimed to have seized power from President Robert Mugabe. This was sparked by the firing of Mugabe’s deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Since then, the South African defence minister […]