And now Boko Haram accuses Isil of racism

Just days after both Boko Haram and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) purportedly formed a remarkable partnership, trading compliments and ideas publicly, there appears to be trouble in paradise.

According to the civil-rights group Black Terrorists are People Too, members of Boko Haram have filed at least 13 complaints of discrimination and racism against the higher-ranking members of their Arab compatriots.

“We have reports of internships being turned down, and of Isil refusing to offer full-time contracts to Boko Haram members who wanted to study under the Caliph,” said Benjamin Octavius, the spokesperson for the group.

Boko Haram, also known loosely as “Western education is forbidden”, has been spreading terror in north-eastern Nigeria in a bid to re-educate the population. Isil’s decision to partner with Boko Haram has raised eyebrows among critics, who questioned whether an Arab organisation could ever treat black people as anything other than slaves.

“They promised to be legally sound, and treat all members equally, but it appears that all they wanted was black servitude.

Isil has been previously accused of being latently misogynistic, sensationally violent towards local communities, and inherently manipulative.

“They’ve turned out to be like any other international corporate,” Octavius said.

Isil spokesman Abu Mohammad Adnani denied allegations that his organisation favoured white converts from Europe and promised to set up a commission of inquiry.

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– Featured image by AK Rockefeller via Wikimedia Commons.

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