Brutal killing of cartoonists will solve Middle East problem – expert

The heinous attack on a Paris-based satirical magazine and the murder of its cartoonists will likely put an end to the continuing cycle of violence in the Middle East, an international-relations expert has said.

Speaking exclusively to The Daily Vox, Joseph Agamemnon described the incident as “a turning point” of geopolitics in the Middle East.

“Take away the politics of oil, the lack of genuine democracy, the Palestine question, interference from Nato, dickless Arab leaders and incompetent religious elite and you have the source of all social ills in the Middle East.

“These cartoonists’ criticisms of Muslims were the main reason for the lack of progress in the Middle East,” Agamemnon added.

Twelve people were killed in a murderous rampage in the French capital on Wednesday. Three men, carrying Kalashnikovs and rocket-propelled grenades marched into a magazine studio well-stocked in all forms of stationary, and opened fire on the office staff, killing four cartoonists in the process.

The Charlie Hebdo magazine is famous for its political caricatures of religious and political figures, some more hilarious and offensive than others.

”Satire is dead“ by Nathi Nguabane.
Satire is dead, by Nathi Nguabane.

The magazine was also widely celebrated for speaking up for the horribly disenfranchised, economically marginalised and ghetto-ised French Muslim population by repeatedly mocking their Prophet. The magazine was a champion, the bastion of freedom of expression, Agamemnon said.

“Muslims and other minorities in France are seen as violent criminals and the cartoonists were fighting against Eurocentric stereotyping,” Agamemnon said.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the heinous attacks but two French North African men with Muslim names have been identified as prime suspects, ruling out the possibility that they were psychologically deranged.

It is expected that Muslims will verify the religious roots of the act by issuing prompt condemnations of the attack.

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Featured image: Police cordoned off the streets surround the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris after the attack on 7 January. By Thierry Cato via Wikimedia Commons.

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