Why I’m standing in solidarity with Palestinians

In the wake of Israel’s bombardment in Gaza, Capetonians gathered on Wednesday to demand the end of human rights abuses in Palestine and the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to South Africa. The march began in District Six and ended outside the gates of Parliament. RA’EESA PATHER spoke to protestors and found out what they thought about the tensions in Gaza.

Josh BudlenderJosh Budlender, 22, student, Greenpoint

I’m standing in solidarity with Palestinians trying to put pressure on the government to actually take action, because they offer a really nice rhetoric and moral support for the Palestinians, but I want them to take action now. The struggle I think is very reminiscent of the South Africa’s struggle for freedom, and I think there are such strong parallels between apartheid South Africa and what’s happening in Israel now. Terrible things happen all over the world, but what’s happening in Israel is supported by some of the biggest powers in the world like the United States and most Western countries. It’s a real issue of people being oppressed by the most powerful countries and we need to stand up.

Joshua BarnettJoshua Barnett, 23, call centre advisor, Grassy Park

I’m here to support, because I think everyone should show their support. It’s just inhumane what’s happening at the moment with the bombs and ordinary people being killed. I think if everyone can stand together then we can make a difference because it’s just unacceptable what’s happening.


Sue ShahSue Shah, 22, gap year, CBD

I came to march for Palestine, because I’ve been doing a lot of research thanks to my friend putting everything on Facebook, and it just touched me, what’s happening in Gaza. I read a post by a 17-year-old guy on Facebook that said “When are you coming to kill me? When are you coming to bomb my home?”. Two days later he died, and that just touched me so much, and then I started doing more research and I had to come to this march.

Alissa NehrlichAlissa Nehrlich, 14, exchange student from Germany

I’m supporting the Palestinians. I think what Israel is doing is wrong, and the people there have to be free. They have to be able to go their own way. I want people to see what we are thinking and to see that we find it wrong, what Israel is doing.



Imran WilliamsImran Williams, 18, student, Strandfontein

I’m here to fight for Gaza, for their freedom, because there’s lots of bombing that’s happening, they’re being attacked and their rights are being violated. We need to support them because we’re like family, and all of the same religion. But it’s not about religion, it’s all about freedom and being human.

  1. Taliah says

    The Palestinians would have gain they own freedom if they would have chosen proper leaders and not terrorists like Hamas. One that is able to negotiate and make peace with Israel. The Hamas is using the palestinian people as human shield so that the world and people like you will condemn Israel. They hide bombs at schools and hospital and they fire rockets towards Israel from those places. You cannot expect Israel not to defend itself. Any country would defend itself in this situation. What about the security of the Israeli people? This is not the same situation like the aparthied but much much more complicated so please stop comparing. Israel, the civilians of Israel are dealing with a group of extremists fundamental muslims- Hamas who are only interested in wiping Israel of the map. And that is never going to happen.

    1. Yaseen Kriel says

      Hamas is a resistance movement. resistance movements are normally created when countries are invaded or when governments have unjust laws. Israel is in the unique position of being both an invader and a creator of unjust laws. history is littered with the bodies of many resistance fighters, here is a list of Jewish resistance movements that fought against occupiers

      The Sicarii were a first-century Jewish movement opposing Roman occupation of the Israeli Promised Land
      Żydowska Organizacja Bojowa (ZOB, the Jewish Fighting Organisation), Jewish resistance movement that led the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943
      Zydowski Zwiazek Walki (ZZW, the Jewish Fighting Union), Jewish resistance movement that led the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943

      how is Hamas any different?


      how is Hamas any different?

    2. Fatima says

      Same boring Zionist rhetoric that is full of lies.

      Give up, it’s childish Taliah

      1. Taliah says

        Dear Fatima,
        The style of your comments are full of hatred.
        Why don’t u try to contribute an intelligent discussion
        and be receptive to someone else’s opinion that is opposite than yours?
        Isn’t this website is all about?
        Regarding Zionism- Do you even know what it means?
        Zion means JERUSALEM, the way it was mentions in the old bible.
        Zionism is the right of the Jews from all over the world to settle in their own country,
        the land of Israel. If you are a muslim and u have a problem with that, than this is a different discussion.

        I’m proud Israeli and also proud to say that my grandfather was a general in the army and was among the commanders who conquered the land of Israel and was a secretary of the first Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion.
        They had built this country from scratch. Palestine never existed as a country before that.
        As for the Palestinian people, believe me that we want to live in peace, side by side
        country by country. I’m not happy for the causalities of the people in Gaza.
        Hamas does no service the people of Gaza. Just like the syrian government (or the resistance) don’t give a fuck about their people, and slaughter them in the thousands, it’s the same with the people of Hamas. They sanctify death to achieve their goals. To make Israel look so bad in the eyes of the world. That is pure evil.

        Me and most of the Israeli people wish that we could make peace with each other
        and that Gaza will flourish one day. This can happen only with peace at both sides. This will happen when there’s gonna be a sensible democratic leadership in Palestine that will be able to sit and talk with us, respect agreements and make peace with Israel just like Israel has peace with Egypt and Jordan.

  2. Shira Gewer says

    Please allow me to apologise on behalf of all the citizens of the State of Israel. I humbly apologise to you and your readers and to the world for our leaders defending our right to live. Here in Israel, we consider living a basic human right.

    The indignation of journalists, commentators and your readership has prompted them to spew forth some of the most vile invective we have seen other than that of Der Sturmer circa 1940’s and the letters and op-eds posted in your publication have educated me in a new level of hatred.

    I apologise that it is left up to our army to make sure that the citizens of Gaza are evacuated from dangerous zones safely through pamphlets, text messages and roof knocking. I guess my text message and pamphlet were lost due to Hamas being on strike. Literally.

    I apologise that we have not racked up those large numbers of Israeli casualties you were hoping for. I apologise for a government who values my life and those of my fellow citizens so much they do anything in their power to protect it. Whatever internal squabbles we may have or policies we agree or don’t agree on, life is valuable. I am sorry for our defense forces, made up of representatives of all sectors of Israeli society, who both prepare us and defend us with their lives.

    I am sorry for our Iron Dome batteries that intercept the rockets aiming for our death and destruction. For those of you calling Israel an Apartheid state, Iron Dome makes no distinction between Jew, Christian or Arab. We are all targets.

    I apologise that our government has made sure that we are equipped with bomb shelters and know how much time we need to take cover. I am sorry that Hamas prefer to build weapons smuggling tunnels instead of protecting their citizens but the “death industry” (their words not mine – google it yourself) has proven more lucrative than saving lives.

    Most of all, I am sorry that this upsets you so much that in countries across the world you choose to take out your frustration on members of the Jewish community, attacking people physically, in the media and in barely disguised hateful press releases.

    Please accept my humble apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

    1. Azad Essa says

      Shira, are you sorry for the occupation? Because then we can talk. Else, your lames jokes are a waste of space.

    2. Fatima says

      Pathetic. You have a filthy heart. But it’s cool, I’ll pray that God will give you guidance

      1. ibnAdam says


        Hasbara at it’s finest.

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  4. Israel forever says

    Please look at the whole picture.

  5. leon green says

    to all the Moslem community , please understand that the vast majority of Israelis support a 2 State solution living side by side , Israel has also stated that they will assist the Palestinians in the technology & agriculture so as to build a viable country . The Palestinian Authority have agreed to talks with Israel which stutter along but at least there`s hope . The Hamas have received millions of dollars from Qatar & Saudi Arabia , this money has gone to building a massive tunnel system so as to kill or capture innocent Israelis , no money has been used for building the necessary infrastructure for their people . Their agenda is murder and therefore betray their own people , if you support the Palestinian cause you should strongly denounce the Hamas & support the people that call for a 2 State solution living side by side in peace , ONLY terror organisations like the Hamas are against this solution , feel free to publish my mail add. Leon Green ( Israel )

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