The Daily Vox apologises to Renaldo Gouws

On 6 April 2017, The Daily Vox published an article that offended Gouws, prompting him to lay a complaint with the Press Council.

The Daily Vox apologises for calling Renaldo Gouws a “mediocre vlogger” and for stating as fact that he had sub-tweeted fellow vlogger Sibu Mpanza, calling him a “fame-chaser” and a “liar”.

We retract the assertions and apologise for the damage caused by them.

Visit the Press Council website for the full finding.

Featured image via Unsplash
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  1. Sizwe says

    What on earth is this guy whining about to the Press Council? Mediocre? Goeie genade.
    Perhaps average, ordinary, unexceptional would have been the more appropriate word?

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