Fancy a spot of parkour in Pretoria? [VIDEO]

Last weekend Capitol Theatre and Cafe Riche hosted RE: Capitoli 2014, a one-day festival featuring youth culture, music, art, performance, discussion.

It also brought us this neat video of people doing parkour off the roof of the Capitol Theatre in Church Square, Tshwane.

Msizi Mkhize, who shot the video provided some background:

This past week on the 8 November, I had the amazing opportunity of attending Capital Arts Revolution with RE: Capitoli 2014, which is a capital collective initiative. This annual event brought together some of the most talented young people in our capital, showcasing art, music, performance and discussion. I must say one of the highlights of the festivities was the parkour event by local group Sabotage Elite. This performance was at the rooftop of Capitol Theatre. The beautiful urban setting and heritage architecture made the perfect backdrop for some of the most amazing free running that this capital has seen. I was lucky enough to be at the right place and time to shoot this slow-mo shot with my phone.

With the rave reviews trickling out of the event, this may be something to put down in your long term diary for next year.

– Featured image via the Re:Capitoli Facebook page

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