Little Jacob gets a new jet

Zuma Jet Final

The government is in the process of acquiring three new VIP jets for President Jacob Zuma and his Cabinet – never mind that Zuma already has the presidential jet Inkwazi at his disposal. And these fancy new toys come with a hefty price tag – R2-billion in total – all paid for with public funds.

To be sure, Zuma’s far from the only African president who likes to travel in luxury. However, there is a precedent for downgrading instead of upscaling – *former Malawian President Joyce Banda routinely took commercial flights after selling the country’s presidential jet in 2013.

 * This article previously stated that Joyce Banda is the president of Malawi. The current president is Peter Mutharika.
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    Hi Nathi I am an educator in Merebank. Do u publish school news as well.

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