News24 publishes then retracts racist article on Michael Holding


The article titled “Holding hypocrisy” was retracted by News24, and its editor-in-chief says he will get to the bottom of the issue, but readers are furious and demand answers.

News24 found itself in the middle of a storm late Saturday night after it published an article about former West Indian cricketer and commentator Michael Holding. The article titled “Holding Hypocrisy” called the former cricketing great a “cheat” and described his wife as a “balding lumpy porker brown Arawak native from Antigua”.

The ad hominem attack on Holding drew immediate condemnation from readers on Facebook and Twitter and it was subsequently deleted by News24. But those outraged said they want action taken on the guilty party who published the piece.

Veteran South African journalist Niren Tolsi said he wanted to know who “was responsible for publishing a vile, hateful, sexist, racist “letter” to News24 about West Indian commentator Michael Holding.”

Holding is currently in South Africa, as part of the Supersport cricket commentary team.

Responding to the criticism and complaints on Twitter, Adriaan Basson, News24’s editor-in-chief said: “I can promise you action will be taken – this article does not represent what my colleagues at and I stand for.”

The article was published in the MyNews24 section – where “stories come from users”. In this case, an author named Jason Stoneman had allegedly penned the piece.

Editorial: What we learnt from the HuffPost saga

In a similar incident in April 2017, Huffington Post South Africa published a piece by a community member who argued that white people should be excluded from voting. The article was retracted but it cost Verashni Pillay, editor-in-chief of Huffington Post at the time, her job.

Editor’s note: Sipho Hlongwane, the managing editor of The Daily Vox, is formerly the blogs editor of Huffington Post SA, a sister title to News24.


  1. There’s nothing racist about that story on Michael Holding. More like character exposure. Reporter Niren Tolsi is overreacting in her vulgar posts. Perhaps she has issues of her own.
    The News24 story Holding Hypocrisy simply implies Michael Holding is not a good character in his personal life.
    Writer states Michael Holding’s second wife Laurie-Ann Holding is a brown native American Arawak who happens to be ugly.
    Yet says Michael Holding’s Sri Lankan first wife, Cherine Holding, (who I presume is brown) was attractive.
    Non-whites are quick to call any criticism on a character as racism. Learn the definition.

  2. And I agree, Michael Holding was mediocre cricketer. Had an inflated ego with air of entitlement. He mumbles his commentating and many can’t understand him.
    Boring old man who has a silly ugly wife Laurie-Ann Holding sums it up.

  3. Michael Knight sure you are not the same as the author under a different name.
    Anyone that thinks his career was mediocre has no idea about cricket and screwed in the head. Obviously trying to slant personal attack.
    If you cant understand his commentary go check your ears. Pretty easy to understand
    I mean your mother was an ugly old whore that did most of your town and your father was into beastlity. And were a mistake

  4. @Dilhara – no, I’m not the author of the comment. Many people make offensive remarks about Michael Holding on Twitter & elsewhere.
    He’s a hypocrite, no doubt. Complaining about WICB’s missing profits from World Cup, is his latest schtick.
    What about all the money his lame wife funnelled from crooked Allen Stanford, under the guise of event management? Lupus-Ann or Lumpy-Ann or Laurie-Ann Holding or whatever she’s called, collaborated with corrupt Allen Stanford while Michael Holding grovelled to him.
    Btw, you’re a moron, Your attempts at offensive remarks are wasted in cyber space to an anonymous contributor. Must be a Third World Pariah tradition. Maybe you’re Niren Tolsi.


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