Ntokozo Qwabe on disrupting whiteness and black people’s attachment to whiteness

NTOKOZO QWABE, who rose to global fame through leading the Oxford campus Rhodes Must Fall campaign does not hold back in firing bullets at white supremacy and its systematic structures. The UK-based black South African Oxford student activist explained to Mbali Phala why disrupting whiteness is necessary.

The act was not directed at Ashleigh, the waitress. Quite frankly, her feelings are irrelevant to us. If you think people demanding a just society in South Africa is a borderline offence then you are clearly out of touch. Her working class status isn’t as material as it is made out to be. Even if she’s working class, she is linked to whiteness. By virtue of her skin colour, she is privileged. The aftermath has revealed to us that there’s no such thing as “this is an oppressed white person”. There will be lit things that will happen. And it will be scary to whiteness.

The story as it has been told by the media, is very different to the story that actually happened. The media standards are quite low, people are living on our Facebook pages to get news – no efforts to contact you and get context of what actually happened. A lot of the time with things like these, we’re placed in a way that has already been decided about us. The act was about disrupting whiteness in a particular space, it was not aimed at the waitress. I didn’t even write the note on that slip, a fellow activist I was with did.

This was not just a moment of spite or “dickness” as some call it. I’m not interested in the politics of dickness. We explained to the waitress and manager that this wasn’t to be taken personally – it was a disruption of normal order of space. The manager came to our table and made a scene; this is what we call white tears. They’re not literal tears – no one cried. She ran with the idea of a helpless violated person because of the thousands that came her way. People have dug out her and her mom’s social media posts and it just shows how problematic they are. These innocent white girl tears re-entrenches patriarchy because white women’s tears make white men want to jump in and save white women from all these aggressive black people.

Whiteness as an ideology is irrational. Just by virtue of this person being white – whiteness is a currency. When we talk about land, we aren’t just talking about the ground. We’re talking about all of the products of the land. In each and every space we find ourselves in, we can conduct parallel processes. And that includes a restaurant. The money raised proves exactly the point we were asserting about whiteness. It was not about the waitress, but whiteness. Jackie Shandu of the EFF KZN provincial branch perfectly describes the “who” and “we” written in the slip refers to.

When people with marginal identities assert themselves and protest in South Africa, we take it personally. This was a political act and I understand all of these actions to be part of decolonisation. In light of this being an action to disrupt whiteness, I fully stand by it. Those written words on a piece of paper is not radical. If things are not going to get sorted out, things are only going to get more lit. We were not disillusioned that this was a radical protest action, it is as important as the other small forms of activism. It was a successful form of protest because of the debate it’s been able to spark.

Racism is a phenomenon of dispossession. In South Africa, we can’t understand racism without understanding the land question. Racism, just like sexism, isn’t divorced from the structures of historically entrenched power. We need to think very carefully about how South African society is structured and who we care about and who we don’t care about. We did not get here by osmosis; there are global processes that lead us to the situation we’re in now and we must think carefully about how to address the situation going forward.

This is why decolonising the curriculum is an important part of the student movement. We’re asking ourselves if you exist in a society and you feel assaulted by black people and transgender people asserting themselves, then what are you saying? That people should be happy with being oppressed? I think there’s a lot of work to do. There have many attempts to demonise the movement and discredit it. We’re not disillusioned by it; we know who the forces are and we know the directions at which these oppositions come. We will continue doing what we’re doing, for years, because it’s important. Rhodes Must Fall has been a catalyst for consciousness.

I don’t recognise the rainbow nation. I think it’s a myth that exists in white people’s head and it also existed in a lot of black people within the ANC’s non-racialist politics. I do see how the ANC negotiators lost – all talks of radical land and wealth redistribution were stifled. The progressive people in 1994 either lost or became irrelevant and got co-opted into the white power structure. We’re not about to have a society that’s so abnormal.

The intergenerational conversation has become very hard to have because our parents are happy that they can queue with white people in the same line. We young people have been queuing with whites, and we’re not about to be happy because of that. We may seem ungrateful to our parents but we’ve reconciled ourselves with that.

I believe in a non-partisan movement. Our struggle as activists is to continue the movement as non-partisan. We’re influenced by particular ideologies and have underlying ideologies. In terms of politics, I do vote, but in the grander scheme of things, I don’t think political parties will save black people.

I’ve been particularly disappointed with some of the responses by black people. But I don’t engage in those politics, black people are free to choose whatever views they want to hold. I worry that a lot of the time as black people, we’re so attached to whiteness it’s incredible. There’s an attachment to whiteness in a weird way. I’m worried about how black people have become desensitised to black suffering and how simultaneously, they jump to the defence of whiteness. I don’t think we’re going to radically confront the white power structure. Black people will kill you first before you confront the real powers that be. This is why Marikana happened. Where were all the black people when Marikana happened? It was the black people that are serving on these boards of these companies that don’t value black lives. It shook the world but how much money was raised as a result of the Marikana massacre? We’re talking about bodies, loss of income. We’re not talking about words being written on a piece of paper.

My degrees aren’t going anywhere. My scholarship isn’t going anywhere. The petition to have me removed from the University of Oxford is just another white myth. I’m going back on May 10 to complete the last term of my degree then I’ll have three degrees and return to UCT as a teaching and research assistant.

Featured image by Mbali Phala
  1. TheRealMidnite says

    Oh really? Strange, I’ve never felt the need to “assert” myself by taking out my politics on a waitress. Or a restaurant, for that matter. But like all you pretend-populists eager to get your time at the trough, you always pick soft targets that have nothing to do with your supposed cause. And now you want to invoke the people who died at Marikana, as if somehow their fight to get paid a living wage and subsequent murder is somehow relatable to your self-serving identity politics. But then, I guess you’re just reserving your spot on any future EFF-sponsored (but not paid by) gravy train.

    There is one thing I agree with you on, though. The so-called “Rainbow Nation” still is, for now, a myth that still persists in a lot of white people’s heads. After all, it was a PR-campaign specifically designed to convince white people that we could actually be a part of South Africa. Turns out the ANC needed us far more than we needed them. And a lot of us fell for it. But not for much longer.

    1. james says

      If he believes that this girl should take responsibility for the past oppression of ‘blacks’ by ‘whites’, is he also prepared to take responsibility for the past ‘and continued’ oppression of women by men? If so i suggest he owes her a lot more than just a tip!

      1. Savid Maguire says


        He’s just a mincing, narcissistic, hypocritical misogynistic racist.

  2. Adri says

    Apparently black people in general don’t tip or tip very badly – even when wait staff is also black.

    This was not a political act, it was just willful ignorance of etiquette to get out of paying for a service. Hiding behind political platitudes like “give back our land” is intellectual immaturity. The data on land ownership shows that more black people own land & houses than white people. Land available for retribution is in the habds of government. Who has control of it? Not the white people.

    White people as a group are very small in the overall population and are still over-represented, but they certainly are no longer the majority owners of land in South Africa. If Ntokozo Qwabe and his dinner party really wanted to make a political statement, he’ll set his sights on government – that’s where the power for change is held. But humiliating wait staff to get out of paying for their service is a much easier scapegoat.

    1. Telsa de Lange says

      So many black people believe that if the EFF come into power they are going to be given land – not true.

      The EFF land policy clearly says that all land whether owned by blacks or whites will be seized by the government, without compensation and then leased back to the people who wish to use it. Only the state will own land.

      Unfortunately Julius doesn’t make this clear when he is ranting and raving about taking back the land. He is misguiding people to get their votes.

      1. Justice says

        This website is an EFF fan page. Widely speculated that they are funded by the same international donors that fund the EFF as well.

    2. songi says

      No no you are mistaken white ppl are still owning majority of South Africa and Telsa who must we vote for who has perfect policies

      1. Gusman says
  3. C T Smith says

    Mr Rhodes Scholaship’s original FB post started this conflagration and his subsequent unrepentant attitude has simply fuelled the flames. For someone claiming to have been the editor-in-chief of a Student Law Review his written communication skills are sorely lacking if he alone sees his description of the events as benign and inoffensive while everyone else who read it saw the truth, that he is a total dick-head with zero social skills and very poor judgement. A word of advice sir, contact the lady and ask if you may meet with her to apologise – that is the first step in the right direction.

  4. Herman Lategan says

    I find this so dull and unimaginative. One clichéd thought after the other. This is how the old Nats sounded. Same dogma, rhetoric, different colour. Also, to say he rose to “global fame” is a bit grandiose I would say. No, not grandiose, it’s utterly parochial, provincial and pedestrian. Wake me up when this child turns 30. Until then, as with everybody, the prefrontal cortex is underdeveloped. Adios.

    1. Alex says

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  5. charles walker says

    He is just digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself, what a jumped up self important little idiot. If he behaved like this in many other establishments in the world he would have been physically removed and given a good hiding ! Carry on Ntokoza…..some one will give you more than you bargained for one day and then you might learn some manners……!

  6. Richard Doyle says

    He would be better off directing his energies at the endemic black corruption in the African continent

  7. MemyselfandI says

    Funny I have never felt THE need to assert myself against any individual due to any of my political views or any of my views at all, especially upon working class servers who are assisting / serving me for their wage…. very strange… I think you are an arrogant man who feels you are entitled to oppress because you your race was once oppressed. It was personal to her, a woman who was working for her next pay cheque and who served you and your activists to the best of her abilities in hop e of a tip and that is how you treated her as a person – IT WAS PEROSNAL! Had she been black would you have written that on the slip!?!?! NO YOU LYING RACIST! BLACK POWER MAKES PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT BLACK SCARED! WHITE POWER MAKES PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT WHITE SCARED! UNITY OF ALL RACES SCARES THE ESTABLISHMENT! WAKE UP!

  8. Elmwood Rivers says

    Looking forward to the day this clown gets his comeuppance. It will happen and maybe the foul and repulsive character will disappear from public view for good. Here’s hoping.

  9. Maisie says

    Have you ever heard such rubbish, this man loves the sound of his own voice and if you want to give it a color I would say his voice is brown not because of the color of his skin but because it’s the color of shit!
    How he ever got into Rhodes is a wonder – bet you it is the last time they taken in token blacks! Only take in people of any color if they have earned the place because they have the correct grades and intelligence, not to be PC as it will just blow up in your face as all PC token gestures do.

  10. Margaret says

    This guy is obviously not comfortable in his black skin. Ntokoza, loose the chip, mate.

    1. Rosie says

      🙂 well said Margaret

  11. Leon van den Berg says

    All spoilt brats are the same, looking desperately for attention. They come in all skin colours.

  12. Lloyd says

    So after being oppressed by going to Oxford to become a lawyer, the best way to fight back against his oppression was to insult a poor white girl and spew hatred at white people.

    This tantrum being acted out by this boy-child is embarrassing, but worse is that it is harmful.

    1. xoli says

      agreed…in my black Xhosa voice I wish to say to this man child mxxmm. I can’t believe he even bothered defending this foolishness, confusing important issues with pettiness.

  13. Elma Kruger says

    He is so so attention deprived. Such sick people sing the same tune on and on and on, with nobody listening. Such hatred causes sickness, like cancer and mental loss . Be careful guy – you will end up destroying your own body, just as your mind and soul is already destroyed by the father of lies (satan). God created man to worship Him, but Qwabe obviously allow satan to destroy him. He is a willing slave of satan now, who feels nothing for him – just using him.

  14. Lou says

    I hate this dude, his speech reminds me too much of the extreme right and the islamists or salafistes. Everything is “us againt the other” The only difference is the proportion of annoyance capacity from the islamists and the racist approach of some blacks activists. I hope his views get condemned as hate speech and we leave the good work to descent people of all races trying to make a real difference

  15. guy says

    “None but ourselves can free our minds”

  16. noonespecial says

    South Africa belongs to everybody that is a legal citizen. This kind of un-evolved thinking that we can correct the future by re-creating rules and recourse based purely off your skin tone is exactly what happened in the past, how Mr Qwabe and his kind can expect a better outcome is as Einstein would say idiocratic. Geneology studies align to the fate that we are all foreigners to this land, there is no deep historical way to define who displaced who, and it was not only white forcing black, the revered King Shaka Zulu forced many black tribes off their land as well. To want this ‘give back our land’ mentality in the modern world – immigrate to Zimbabwe where this un-evolved thinking is acceptable and is also proven not to end hard knock lives for the majority of its population.

  17. Natasha says

    If I were Mr. Qwabe, I wouldn’t eat in a restaurant for a long time. Wait staff support each other. He might find his food has a little something “extra” in it.

    That said, he’s coming from a place of privilege. He’s white collar; the waitress isn’t. Maybe next time he interacts with “the help” he should check his privilege.

  18. c d w says

    I think we should all send Mr Qwabe some money so he can attend a decent Swiss finishing school ….he really really deserves it…….after all the free education one of the finest Universities in the world has given him has failed to teach him anything……I would not tip Oxford either Ntokoza ! ( By the way don t bother coming back……)

  19. Whiteness, White Privilege, White hate. says

    What a sexist racist attention seeker, showing off his dickness in public while black people suffer in poverty. You did not change anything except divide the nation with your movements against whiteness.

    Enjoy your three whiteness degrees!

    PS All our forefathers settled here, yours included… Stop your dickness and sexism!

  20. H M Border Control and Police says

    Thanks for letting us know Mr Qwabe that you will be landing at Heathrow on May 10th on route to Oxford, Her Majesty s Border Control and Police Force have been alerted and will escort you to your new digs for the summer term…..Wormwood Scrubs….apparently the Fellows at Oxford thought it would be best if you spent a lot of time with people more like your self…..some of the Villains at the ” Scrubs ” are really looking forward welcoming you…..kind regards, PC Bas Tard

  21. Smallz says

    I enjoyed this read for its absurdity but its funny how the comments sections of online publications seem littered with any and every perspective of disgust for this man (who is a right tool) and the incident. But when you look at reactions to any of Mable Jansen articles…its pretty quiet there in the comments. Never mind the littany of brutal stuff in SA to really comment about. We have not got our heads screwed on right in this country and the real issues where pressure is needed get turned over like a shitty perfume ad in a magazine. You would swear this is the biggest bugger up ever made this year in SA when is just some activist and a waitress. It was a disgusting set of events but I see things ten times worse every day. Sorry for taking the high ground on this but this just another “gossip” piece for me and he is right about the reporting of this thing being quite sensationalist. Not worth the time and vitriol when everything else is burning around here!

  22. Ghaia says

    You people here are the ones who are ignorant and not informed or can use your imagination, that’S what he refers to when he says “white tears”, only your self importance is what matters in your heads but the question is in whose land.

    1. andrew says

      not your land either cunt

    2. Trev says

      What does this have to do with him being an arsehole to a waitress?

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        That’s a posting full of insight!

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  23. Trev says

    What kind of degree is this guy studying which gives him time to compose thousand word missives justifying his being an arsehole to a waitress who was just trying to do her job? If Oxford aren’t going to discipline this douchebag for bringing the university into disrepute, could they at least try giving him some more homework?

    What a tool.

  24. Oxford University Boat Club says

    You are welcome at the Oxford University Boat Club this term Ntokoza……..we need a new Cocks…..sorry spelling Cox…….P S its traditional for the Cox to be thrown in the Thames after the race……errrr can you swim ?……thought not….sink or swim as they say….still always time to learn old chap……pass the port Cecil old chap I think we have just solved the problem down at Oxford……

  25. Laurent Brink says

    I do believe we have a young Pol Pot here.

  26. greg says

    This is a very disturbed youngster! Wait until he comes down to planet earth and finds himself in the real world, nervous breakdown coming methinks.

  27. rethabile says

    Luckily it’s not education that takes you to places in life. ..but your attitude in life, your passion towards the downtrodden, your love for what’s good, honest constructive and true.

    this poor boy doesn’t tick any of these boxes and he will soon fade away with all the other EQ challenged individuals before him.


    he’s already forgotten

    1. xoli says

      this boy…yes boy because he’s no man, was just being a bully, a very childish bully making a mockery after a real issue…that of land redistribution. I wonder did he really feel like a strong man making a hardworking woman cry.

    2. xoli says

      this boy…yes boy because he’s no man, was just being a bully, a very childish bully making a mockery of a real issue…that of land redistribution. I wonder did he really feel like a strong man making a hardworking woman cry.

  28. martin garthwaite says

    Mr Qwabe went home, sat down in front of his computer, reflected and then wrote some vile racism. Clearly proud of the pseudo political point(lessness) he was trying to make. It’s clear that Qwabe is not a philosopher or has even read any philosophy to underpin his arguments. To do so would betray the decolonising of the curriculum, which, if, he is to be believed is the true motive of #RhodesMustFall. So instead we get this (not even half backed) barroom philosophy about space and place, and of course whiteness because this is a dichotomy, a binary, right or wrong, on or off, 1 or 0. How did this man get the grades to get into Oxford? Let alone lie his way through is Rhodes Trust interview is a complete mystery to me. I never expected to end up at Oxford. I have a feeling that Mr Qwabe never expected to end up at Oxford either?

    1. Judy says

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    2. http://www./ says

      Grade A stuff. I’m unquestionably in your debt.

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    4. http://www./ says

      It’s a pleasure to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

    5. http://www./ says

      I’ve been looking for a post like this forever (and a day)

  29. Tom Bob says

    Someone tell this guy that activism doesn’t work if it can be confused with immediate self-interest.
    Instead of withholding a tip, next time give the oppressor a necklace and a match.

    Now THAT’S lit, fam!

  30. Rosie says

    Why has this blackness idiot accepted such a WHITE scholarship? Why is this blackness idiot living in a WHITE country to attend his courses delivered by WHITE people? Oh, the complete hypocrisy. Wish I could be there when he returns to his WHITE colleagues and lecturers – now that would be something to report on.

    This little blackness baby needs to know that EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE! He has no idea about colonies, apartheid, discrimination, torture, homelessness or degradation – probably wasn’t even born when these things were taking place so there is no point trying to debate these with him. And he is laughable trying to make this his cause. His cause is merely about self promotion through controversy.

    Blackness Baby – wisdom is knowledge applied. You have neither the knowledge, nor the wisdom. You would be better off studying philosophy – Truth, Honour, Nobility and Grace. That may give you some knowledge.

  31. Rose Symonds says

    Statements such as “Whiteness as an ideology is irrational” need to be challenged. For instance as far back as 2003, Albie Sachs stated that it was time for white people to focus on ‘whiteness’ and to question their preoccupation with ‘blackness’.

    Qwabe is positioned in eurocentric discourse. Let’s see him examine his integrity.

    1. Velvet says

      You certainly feel bad about the Odawas and other indians who lost their land to Americans who developed it into what is now the US. No need to live in their land if you feel so bad about it.But maybe I’m assuming yo&u#8217;re a white american while you’re not.

  32. Tamara Ingram says

    amazing article. this guy is the truth.

    1. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel says

      Yeah. If the truth were that the earth is flat.

  33. Mohammad A. says

    Dude probably didn’t want to pay any any tip and came up with all these “political” stuff on the spot, which eventually spiraled out of hand forcing him to own up to it even though; to people and even to him, it sound like complete and utter BS.

  34. Jacob says

    This guy… what a plank.

    And besides, this so called “cause” of theirs just proves they’re delusional.

    Ugh, when will we be rid of dumb twats like this for a more peaceful environment.

  35. JayKay4 says

    To see an educated man contradict himself by justifying his arrogance is sad for the youth of South Africa and the world. To have the opportunities he has and waste it on past ideologies is again sad. Mandela said we have to heal the country, is this healing or digging at the wound? I have a niece and when asked about her friends, there is no hint of colour identification. She has friends of all colours. Why do you have to taint this innocence with behaviour that only feeds your ego and helps no one?

    1. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel says

      These people hate Mandela – and it’s time white people started to understand that.

      Know who you’re dealing with: the Ntokozo’s and Andile Mngxitamas think Mandela sold black people out. They really, really, REALLY hate him.

      Whites tend to say “but Mandela said…” no good

  36. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel says

    Nope. I’m sorry, but this whole article is flawed from start to finish.

    Here’s a very simple thought to help you along:

    Would Ntokozo and the other dude have done this if the waitress had been a large, burly man?

    The answer is no.
    The implication is that these two rich boys (and andile mngxitama) look for vulnerable fodder to attack, because they’ve got neither the ideological integrity nor the balls to assert their thinking efficiently.

  37. Shira Kan says

    Amazing. And just like that a forum is given to a person who has set out to deny the lives of others, who rules a person less than because of the colour of their skin. Just like that, it is cool to be the nastiest form of racist, but that is Ok because the one spouting such profound hatred has a black skin. And he will have many rallying around him saying yeah, yeah, and doing so in English, raging on computers, flying across borders on planes, all the parts and pieces of ‘white culture’. There is a fine line between intellectual questioning and pathological madness and hatred. As an African, a makwerekwere, as I was called in Cape Town, what freezes in my soul when I hear this young man, is that the same kind of argument has been used to explain the murder of non-South African Africans trying to make a living. Same justifications, same rationale, just a different colour reference. Good luck South Africa. Meanwhile, you may need to consult with your sangoma to arrange a collective act of exorcism. Vile bile does not a nation make.

  38. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel says

    Our parents and our children to come will both be very, deeply ashamed of this generation’s polarised approach.

    Our parents may not have done it all right, but at least there existed the dream of equality. Now everyone’s trying to make you believe the Rainbow Nation idea is a myth. Our children will HATE us for that.


    And yes – that includes black people. Because Ntokozo Qwabe has now officially proved beyond reasonable doubt that blacks CAN be racist.

  39. Inno says

    Hi Ntokozo, I have 3 questions I wish that you would answer for me.

    1) Do you truly think that if the mines were black owned they would treat the miners any differently? My feeling is you need to take a long deep look at HUMAN KIND if you think that is the case. Look around the world. Greed has no colour.

    2) I on many levels agree with the land & mineral issue, but how it will actually be addressed I have no idea. How far do we go back? Who took it from whom when? I know “Khoisan had it first” this is something white folk throw around in these arguments, but saying that, what is the answer, did they not indeed have it taken from them? (Im asking because I genuinely do not know).

    3) A lot of noise is being made, a lot of “disrupting whiteness” being thrown around, lots of fancy talk about ideologies and concepts but what exactly do these guys what white people to do isn’t even slightly clear to me. Do they want them to leave? Do they want them to join the conversation? Or will that be too white? Must they just hand their stuff over? Who is exempt? If you can’t answer this, then at least state the proposed outcome of your mission so white folk can see where they fit into that bigger picture and work their lives (as humans they do have the right too) accordingly. Because all Im hearing right not is problems and ‘ideas’ of actions, but not solutions or proposed outcomes. Are they secret?

    Please Ntokozo, I would genuinely appreciate answers to al or even any of the above.

  40. pete says

    Two paragraphs explain how basic this so called cut and paste intellectual is
    One begins with “….The Intergenerational conversation…………”
    The second is the next paragraph claiming that he believes in a non- partisan movement……
    This is almost proving that contradiction exists on three planes and not two.
    The wording has got to have been researched and copied for the most sensational effect

  41. Walter Pike says

    Don’t you think that the events that have transpired since confirm that Qwabe was right.

    1) The note was a disruption and handled pretty politely as both the manager and the waitress were told to not take it personally. All activism causes disruption.
    2) The cryfunding exercise was an obscene display of whiteness and privilege and proved his point many times over.
    3) The ill conceived petition and the Facebook page “Expel Ntokozo Qwabe” were further examples of whiteness (white supremacy)
    4) I don’t think it had anything to do with the waitress being female, although I do admit that when I first heard the story I defaulted into seeing the target as a patriarchal act and it made me uncomfortable – I now think it had nothing to do with it.
    5) It’s is my belief further that the biggest risk to South Africa’s future is the denial of privilege and the blindness of white people to the legitimate claims of black people for access to the economy.
    6) It is completely unsustainable to think that the effects of apartheid and colonisation should be allowed to continue indefinitely.
    7) Bing pro-black is not the same thing as anti-white – disrupting whiteness is part of dismantling racism – not adding to it.

    This is a conversation we should all be having. The evidence on this comment section and elsewhere is that white people are not prepared to consider and discuss these issues.

    We should.

    1. John says

      I completely disagree – this is simply an example of pure racism. The only way to rid our society of the effects of apartheid is to educate the masses, not attack those that are educated. The person who issued the note is doing nothing more than sowing the seeds of racial hatred. He ignores the fact that the vast majority of whites are not racist, and indeed the majority of them voted to end apartheid. There is, in fact, no such thing as “whiteness” it DOES NOT EXIST. White people make up hundreds of different cultures within the western world – hundred oif languages, beliefs, customs, traditions, religions. The only things that unite them are a general adherence to western values, and the colour of their skin. The fact is that they come from an entirely different world – a world that values education, architecture, and civilization. When you say “disrupting whiteness”, what exactly do you mean? The part of whiteness that imported Christianity? The part of whiteness that imported the entire concept of tertiary education? Or do you just mean everything tath has ever been associated with whiteness? The sad truth is that the person who issued that note himself has no idea – he is just clinging to a sliver of ignorant anger. The real core of the problem is that the ANC has utterly failed to educate the masses, meaning that they cannot participate in the economy. Combine this with the rampant effects of global capital, an the rich keep getting richer, and the poor poorer. In this country the elites are the educated, and those that value education – of all races. Sadly, the ANC has utterly failed the blacks, so the gap just grows, instead of shrinking. Nothing will ever be achieved by tearing down, we will only grow stronger by building up.

    2. james says

      So if he did that to your daughter would it be ok?

  42. Pedro says

    Ntokozo Qwabe has the intellectual agility of a gerbil.

  43. Jack Taffam says

    Maybe there is truth in his message.

  44. Kevin says

    Can Qwabe show any evidence at all that the act of writing a message on a bill was planned as an act of protest? Of course not. Because it wasn’t. It was an act of pure, racist spite. And all the post facto mumblings are nothing more than an attempt to rationalise this racist, sexist and spiteful act.

  45. Buzi says

    I completely agree that what happened to the lady was unfair and uncalled for. But reading the comments section, it’s disappointing to see and realise that we are not ready or willing to deal with the core problems in this country. Like it or not, this guy is onto something, I may not agree with how he is carrying out his message but he is definitely on to something, and until we are willing to sit down and talk honestly about the racial problems in this country, we will always have people like him popping up in the media and people going on the defensive instead of working together to find solutions. Until we are ready to have honest conversations with each other, there will always be this underlying divide between us, which is really sad.

  46. humunguslives says

    You are clearly a horrible human being.

  47. Tarzan of the Apes says
  48. Morris Traveller says

    You are a vile racist, just as bad as a paid up member of the Ku Klux Klan and are also an arrogant, sociopathic, narcissistic little creep.

  49. james says

    What a vile deranged abusive bullying racist hypocrite he is.

  50. zungu says

    Wow!! Qwabe is the future, and yeah we are coming to Europe to collect the wealth stolen by the oppressors from our lands. Haha they want us to forget, hell nah!!!! White people are strange they are so quick to sick justice when they feel they have been wronged, but choose to ignore the injustices inflicted by them or rather celebrate them in their private spaces. This to me is proved by the comments here.

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