Pissed off doctor tells MTN to #keepthemoney

A stolen cellphone is an almost routine occurrence.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cellphones are reported stolen every day. We’re not sure what the current statistics are but between January 2005 and the March 2008, some 249 911 cellphones had been reported stolen in South Africa.

Cellphones get stolen and there’s supposed to be a whole machine that kicks in as soon as you report your cellphone stolen: first to your network operator, and then, to the police.

But what happens when the network operator does not play its part in the routine?  And with every single contact number leading customers to an abyss called customer care, where  exactly does a customer go to solve the problem?

One man, a self-described doctor working in the public health sector, simply had enough.

He took his story to Facebook. And from the reaction he’s received, it seems he’s not the only South African who wants to tell MTN to go get stuffed.





  1. Muhammad Manjra says

    Hello everyone. The response over the past day has been simply overwhelming! Its crazy to see how many people have been taken advantage of by big corporations, especially telecommunications providers. It still saddens me to have had to resort to such measures to achieve such a simple objective. My thanks to everyone that took the time to share/comment/call/message and share their own experiences.

    On a positive note I was contacted directly by the CEO’s office who immediately reconnected my line and are in the process of crediting my account for the fraudulent calls made. My thanks to them for their apology and and for finally concluding this chapter. I hope that MTN South Africa can continue to provide such efficient service at ALL levels as they did today.

  2. nazreen says

    I’m bery happy that you were contacted by mtn,unfortunately the majority who suffer the consequences are not that lucky. My husband had the terrible experience of having his identity stolen with a fraudulent identity document
    while a supervisor at mtn allowed 2 contracts to be taken out in his name without getting the required paperwork. I believe it is the staff at mtn that leaks information to third parties and if it wasn’t by chance that my husband found out my husband would have been footing a hefty bill due to the negligence at mtn. Its despicable,my customer care emails are of no concern to anyone at mtn!!

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