PRESS RELEASE: Announcing Apartheid 2.0: A new series on The Daily Vox


    As Israeli-Apartheid Week is commemorated across university campuses the world over, The Daily Vox in partnership with Al Jazeera’s Palestine Remix  has launched a special series on the Palestine story called: Apartheid 2.0.

    The series will run between March 1-15 and will explore the ways in which Israel functions as an apartheid state, some 22 years after South Africa itself transitioned from apartheid to a democracy.

    In keeping with The Daily Vox style, the series will put Palestinian voices at the centre of the discussion.

    Apartheid 2.0The series will also feature fresh and experienced voices, who will explore why, as South Africa battles with its own fraught legacy, the Palestinian story is yet more relevant. We will also interrogate efforts of local Palestinian solidarity, both in South Africa and abroad, exploring the effectiveness of boycott and sanctions on Israel.

    Some of the writers in the series include Ben White, Steven Friedman, Linah Alsaafin, Minhaj Jeenah, Khadija Patel, Ramzy Baroud, Shereena Qazi, Sean Jacobs, Azad Essa and Remi Qanazi.

    The partnership with Al Jazeera Palestine Remix also gives readers an opportunity to tell their story of Palestine, through the award-winning Palestine Remix interactive. The best interpretation of the theme “apartheid 2.0” submitted by readers will win a $100/R1 500 cash prize. Click here for more details on the competition.

    The series will run daily between March 1-15 and our editors and journalists will be available for interviews every day to discuss the focus of the day.

    For more information, or to arrange interviews contact Lebo Phelwane on