#sexistSA: When a stranger tells you, “Yoh, I can hit!”

Whether it’s harassment by a former schoolmate who will not take no from an answer, irate sports fans on Twitter, or a random person on the street, it’s clear that many South African men believe they are entitled to comment on women’s bodies or make sexual comments towards them. PONTSHO PILANE asked women in Johannesburg about the comments they’ve faced from men.






[Loosely translated: “You have such a big ass, you should be disgusted that all you use it for is farting[and not sex].”



After I spoke to one group of women, three young men who had overheard our conversation came up to me and asked what I was working on. When I explained they laughed, told me that I was fighting a losing battle and that “men will always be men”. They concluded their argument with the following:



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