The waitress that Qwabe refused to tip highlights her privilege in Facebook response

Ashleigh Schultz, the waitress that Ntokozo Qwabe refused to tip, has responded to the whole saga Facebook. She says that she is astonished that this has received a lot of attention and that many people have stood up against racism. WANELISA XABA had this to say about it.

Waitress Response

The waitress responds.

It seems as though she experienced racism:

1. It seems that she is astonished that people of her skin colour get so much attention.
2. It seems that because she experienced racism, Ntokozo Qwabe’s ancestors went to her ancestors and stole the land, enslaved this Becky people and now Ntokozo Qwabe refuses to give her land back.
3. Obviously people came to her rescue not because of her skin colour and the weight of her tears. Because 1652 women’s tears are not gendered. And Beckys don’t use their tears to invoke swaart gevaar or to appeal to violent white masculinities which feel a need to protect “their” women from big dicked black (cis) men.
4. Hot bath. She said hot bath. A privilege most Black people don’t have due to poverty and structural racism.
5. She refers to colonialism and the brutality of Apartheid as “something that happened in the past”. In one sentence she demonstrates historical violence, cultural violence, and psychological violence of white ambivalence on racism. She just blue ticked your whole life, Blacks.
6. Again, in her mind she experienced racism. I guess Ntokozo AND WANDILE note will result in laws that will make it illegal for her to own land. It will commit genocides, it will enslave her and her whole generation of Becky’s and Tom’s. It will segregate the education system and prepare her for slave labour. It will simultaneously create canons of knowledge that state that this Becky is inferior and beast-like.
7. Cool ke. Go take a hot bath Becks. Then drink your chamomile tea. Then swim in your R100k, But please know, we are very serious about the land. You might have to hand over that flat sooner than you think.

Lastly, imisunu yenu yazi 1652’s. The white liberals. The white feminists. The white leftists. NONKE.

This post originally appeared on Wanelisa Xaba’s Facebook page.

  1. James says

    I don’t understand half of what this is even saying

  2. Xaing says

    She is a waitress from a humble background…her mother is dying. What was she supposed to say? I am sorry that people showed support for me and I ‘acknowledge my privilege’? Where is your empathy? Don’t bring politics into places where it doesn’t belong.

  3. Goolam Dawood says

    She is like many uninformed white people in this country, but she is also trapped in the same cultural cage. The objective is to reach out to people like this, rather than invoke more misunderstanding. These are not the educated moneyed bourgeoisie. She is just another working class person trying to pay her utilities bill and buy a house, who just happens to live in a cocoon of white privilege. You talk about “the land”, as if she clearly owns land. Do you know if she does?

    P.S. Replicating US American race language highlights more a shortcoming in perspective.

  4. Jon Low says

    A hot bath is “white privilege”. A taxpayer-funded fire-pool is black privilege.

  5. TheRealMidnite says

    Haha! So, Wanelisa Xaba, when was the last time you had a hot bath? Or are you just angry that this girl got a R100 000 tip thanks to your comrade’s moronic behaviour? “A bath! A bath! White privilege! Oh the horror!” Where did you get such idiot-logic from? Donald Trump? You and your racial fundamentalist crowd are starting to sound as ludicrous (and as desperate) as far right-wingers.

  6. John Gay says

    You’re only digging your own sake’s grave by publishing racist “articles” like these. Everyone with any common sense or education, black, white, coloured, can see thorugh this prejudiced uninformed bullshit.

    I am sure this girl regrets colonizing Africa three centuries ago. Jesus christ, your moronic statements make me want to laugh. A part of me almost wants to see you take the land back, just so you can end up like Zimbabwe, poverished and in a famine because not a siingle person is able to farm.

    Yours is a lost soul.

  7. fred smith says

    WANELISA XABA – if this is the BEST you can do, then you and people like you deserve everything you get or don’t get.

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