Will the real Chicky Lamba please stand up?

  1. Tromo Westing says

    The idiot says his is name is Shakeel, not Chicky. Some fool misheard it and the wrong name went viral.

    And on what planet is Laudium a Memon town? Memons make up maybe 20% of the population,

    South Africa is not Bangalore. Keep your stereotypes about Indians and computers to yourself. 😉

  2. Naeem says

    This stupid shakeel lamba and Ziyaad musnt think they can rule..they must try us and not hit people for no reason..they must be punished

  3. Annonymus says

    Pointing a firearm is a criminal offence: Ziyaad janoo and Shakeel lamba from Laudium Pretoria, has committed a criminal offence, and …. an offence who, without lawful excuse, points a firearm at another person, … Aiming firearm at human being; A person who violates subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor. it is an assault after allegedly pointing a shotgun…Attempted murder is a serious offence for the purposes of the provisions in the Criminal Justice.. These cardboard gangsters Ziyaad and Shakeel must face the Law and put behind bars !! It must be on 3rd degree This Video has been has been send to the to the highest authority as Proof of the Video clip…..We don’t need these kind of people in our community!! They are not God !!This guy from durban was an innocent victim, tortured for no apparent reason?? Did they forget who is God ? God can take their life with a wink of an eye.. Becareful Shakeel Lamba and Ziyaad Janoo.. Anonymous from Durban..

    1. Moe says

      Absolutely correct. Bet u catch any one of them alone and he Wud crap in his pants. They showing illegal authority bcos firstly they With friends and second they holding a firearm whilst Brazo Is unequipped. They need to be punished as this clip is proof enough. If authority do nothing about this then we should also take the law in our own hand by shooting to kill thieves entering a private property

  4. Cass says


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  7. Shakeera Janoo says

    Typical lighties from South Africa. Full of kuck. These owes need a hiding. I hope they get fucked up nice and solid. What they did is totally unacceptable. There are ways to handle situations. You can’t do what you feel like doing. They need to be put in jail for attempted murder (drawing your gun and pointing it).

    But we all know why these pussies got big mouths. Because the one owe carries a gun. If this was even game, this would have never happened. Again, typical SA ighties running their mouths and acting like big shots.

    Shakeel and Ziyaad – Take your macho-ness to Soweto or to the nearest squatter camp. Heck, wear a lekker watch and go to Hillbrow…you owes are moffies.

  8. jojo says

    chicky lamba’s chicky penis is small. not lamba (big) like his mouth”. he is skrik dat his fiance gona leave him for a durban poison. garam garam style. hence the violence and coward behavior

  9. zak11 says

    His my cousin plz shut up his awesome buuuuuuut I do feel they need to go to jail sorry cuzzy but I know the bad you’ve done u deserve jail

  10. Naushina Gani says

    Since Ziyaad Janoo Owns PTA, DBN, CPT and the bush I feel I should change my choice in marriage and i dont want to marry Chicky Lamba becuase he sounds like a little chicken or something you’d name his tiny package. Ziyaad is super rich so as a memon girl he is the best choice for me!!

  11. Anti-Zupta says

    Ok, you guys really need to clarify issues relating to the Chicky Lamba issue. Firstly he said his name is Shakeel, not Chicky. Agreed that it is confusing with his strong accent.

    Secondly, these are Muslim Indians who are a minority of the Indian population in South Africa – Indian population referring to Indian South Africans who have been here since 1860 onwards, and not all the Indian immigrants (like the Guptas) that have legally and illegally entered the country since 1990.

    Memons are just one group of Muslims, often known for being wealthy businesspeople. Most came from West India, specifically a state known as Gujarat. Laudium is infested with them. Didn’t the mention of the Quran not highlight that they are Muslim? So as you can see that if you wish to generalise about a group of people based on their race, at least realise that this group is a minority and their behaviour should not reflect on the entire race.

    If only they came after the partitioning of India (when the British left India and split it), these people would probably have been called Pakistanis and not Indians.

    Secondly it should be obvious from the way they speak and behave that this does not represent an educated, hard working and law abiding part of the population. These youngsters are probably spoilt brats who run around with Daddy’s money and think that they are untouchable in their small world. They will inherit Daddy’s shop, marry their cousins, probably take several wives, and spawn retards like themselves who will continue with the idea that they are God’s gift to the Earth.

    1. AssociateEd says

      Thank you for your comment. Though we wonder what you are trying to say.

      1. Anti-Zupta says

        Sorry. I should have relayed my points a bit more clearly.

        Firstly there is a lot of social media buzz and opinions by various columnists that the Chicky Lamba debacle is a reflection of the Indian South African youth.

        You need just refer to the recent Mail and Guardian commentary by a female columnist which was riddled with stereotypes about Indian South African youth – their sound systems, souped up cars and so on – and how it is supposedly linked to the behaviour of the individuals in this video.

        These individuals are not the typical Indian South African youth.

        In fact Indian South Africans are not a homogenous group. They are made up of people from different parts of India, different limguistic groups and cultures, who came to South Africa at different times in the past. My point in my previous comment was that these kids are from a minority group – the Muslim community, and a caste (that is what it is) known as the Memons.

        So they should not be a reflection of the Indian South Africans as a whole.

        My brief history on the Muslim Indian South African was an attempt to highlight who they are and where this specific group (Memons) come from to some extent. As a minority, their lingo such as ‘Quran kassam’ and ‘maaf’ (largely from the Urdu dialect) is not used by most Indian South Africans, who are Hindus and mainly Tamil-speaking at that.

        Secondly the behaviour of these individuals is also a reflection of their upbringing. As Chicky says “I have more money than you” which has no bearing on the issue at hand. Who cares whether he has more money than whoever put together? But that is the problem about growing up in a community where that silver spoon in your mouth makes you believe that you are entitled to do whatever you please.

        Chicky Lamba might think that he is a “big shot” in his world but it is obvious from his words and name-dropping that he is only ‘something’ (as he believes) by his associations, be it his father’s money or gangster relatives. And when all else fails, let’s shove a gun in the face of an obviously scared individual while three guys have already intimidated him and even assaulted him.

        Lastly, to further stress my point about ‘living in a small world’, I made a comment about “Daddy’s shop, marrying his cousin, inbreeding, having multiple wives like possessions”. These factors/actions/patterns of behaviour are a reflection of just that – living in a ‘small world’ – where you believe you can do what you please, such as kidnapping and assault all while you record it on your cellphone.

        Hope you can now piece it altogether and understand what I was saying.

        1. Anti-Zupta says

          Correction. On Thought Leader, not Mail and Guardian. Here is the link. http://www.thoughtleader.co.za/readerblog/2014/10/20/the-shameless-violence-of-chicky-lamba/

        2. Breado says

          Disagree … the word ‘maaf’ is also used in Hindi… which is spoken by many Hindus in SA. True … we don’t mix our mother tongue and English the way these guys did when chooning with the outies.

        3. Edward says

          You also are trying to push an agenda. Memons migrated to South Africa from what is now called Saurashtra in Gujarat, that is very much a part of modern India, NOT Pakistan. There are also more than a hundred million Muslims, many who use Urdu, and live in India.

          And none of these people are marrying the their cousins, you seem to be keen on perpetuating a sterotype.

      2. Anti-Zupta says

        I would also like to clarify that my comments are not anti-Muslim in any way. The vast majority of Muslims that I know do not behave in this way, are educated and responsible members of society. However, your article did not in any way highlight the fact that the words used, which you felt a need to explain in English, is mainly used by a certain sector of the Muslim community. You conveniently said Indian but left out which linguistic/cultural/religious group, not that their religion matters. It is disappointing considering that your work in media often focuses on the Muslim/Moslem South African of Indian descent.

        1. Breado says

          BS … I think you are biased against Muslims or maybe just the Mermon people… don’t try to cover up. Like many non-Muslims who say things abt Muslims shops in Durban CBD… you’re biased.

          1. Anti-Zupta says

            Well then I sincerely apologise if that is how I came across. Upon a second read of my comments I can see how it may be construed. That was not my intention. My apologies to the Muslim community specifically.

            Since the mention of Memons were made in the video and this article, I thought it should be clarified as to who they are in the Indian South African community as this article did not tackle that issue appropriately.

            Does it have any relevance to the matter at hand?

            Probably not in the broader aspect of the behaviour displayed in this video. But considering comments and posts about Indian South Africans relating to these individuals, I felt it needed to be highlighted that the group in question is a minority in the Indian South African community.

    2. Yusuf says

      The state of Gujarat is still in India even after their independence so how about you look at a map before you post random crap you uneducated moron

      1. Anti-Zupta says

        Yusuf, we are well aware that Gujarat is an Indian state. However, at the time of the partition many Muslims moved out of Gujarat to Pakistan. But I should not have brought up this point.

        Let’s not deny that SOME Muslims of Indian origin do not want to identify with their Indian heritage. In fact I have heard some Muslims say that they consider themselves more as Pakistani than Indians in terms of heritage.

        Since they cannot lay claim to being Pakistani (Pakistan did not exist when their ancestors moved here) they will identify themselves specifically as Muslim (which is not a nationality), strongly support Pakistan or any team playing against Indian in cricket, etc and have many anti-Indian sentiments.

        Suddenly when there is a controversy like this then words like “predominantly-Indian” and “India’s Memon group” are used.

        And as you will see on the link I posted, it was made out to seem that they way these boys talk is part of Indian South African slang, which it is not.

        Parts of the Muslim community of Indian origin want to isolate themselves when they please then hide behind their “Indianness” when it is convenient. I will admit it is a minority of the community but when words like “maafs” are conveniently being attributed to the Indian South African slang (refer to the link I earlier posted) then it has to be clarified that this is incorrect.

        My issue here is specifically with the way the author used the words “predominantly-Indian” and “India’ Memon group”. If we look at MJ Khan’s article on this website, it clearly states “Muslim” rather than just “Indian”. Sadly the Thought Leader article chose to link here.

        Once again, I apologise if I offended anyone.

        1. Yusuf II says

          Thank you for the clarification. Nevertheless I do not think the author was erroneous. Laudium is a predominantly Indian suburb, and yes most of those Indians are Muslim whose ancestors are from Gujarat.
          Yes there are many Muslims who reject their Indian identity and that is sad. Still this does not mean that they are not Indian or that they are Pakistani (even though some may support that sports team). There are still more Muslims in India than in Pakistan + Bangladesh. Gujarat was not as affected by partition as say a state like the Punjab, and most of are still most likely to have distant relatives in India rather than Pakistan.

          1. Anti-Zupta says

            Thank you for your input Yusuf II. In retrospect I do realise that my original comments were full of prejudice towards a certain sector of the Muslim community.

            Seeing that these boys were possibly from that sector, I quite incorrectly lashed out. I apologise for that and I realise I may have been short-sighted.

            In the Indian township in Durban where I grew up, most Muslims (working class) were proud of their Indian heritage, as I am of mine. It was only later in life that I discovered that there are some who are not. Some who would not even want to be classified as Indian traders but Muslim traders. Some who would back any cricket team playing against India, and always support the Pakistani team where possible. I was always deeply offended by their stance.

            I also see your point that many of these Muslims may still have relatives in India rather than Pakistan and cannot reject their Indian heritage despite averting from it at times.

            I came upon this article after reading the Thought Leader opinion piece so I have undoubtedly projected some of my anger here since my comments on that blog were deleted. I would also like to apologise to the author as it was not my intention to be so negative towards his post.

        2. Edward says

          If you really want to go down the road of who supports whom in cricket, I would suggest a visit to Kingsmead during a South Africa vs India match. People who live in glass houses…

        3. chuck baaaaas says

          Indian muslims are not just memon -_- actually they’re probably the smallest part of the indian muslim community

    3. Edward says

      Laudium is “infested” with Memons. Are you channeling Hitler?

  12. Gustav says

    Its Chicky cos his English so putrid!

    1. fazel says

      “jana is my braaaada”

  13. Gustav says

    A bunch of pansies who are bored and trying to act macho, but just look stupid! 3 guys against 1-WOW! such heroes! Lucky the poor victim didnt have a friend cos then the pansies would need 6 guys! And then each 1 wud b asking the other- do u kno who i am??!! Given their lack of ability to speak properly, 1 name would ensue in confusion between “Shakeel”, “Chicky” or perhaps even “Chucky”. 6 guys, 18 names and 30 minutes later.. they’ll probably just give in to their innermost carnal desires of jerking each other off

    1. Chucky Jaloomba says


  14. Rezah says

    Gangsters are ‘gangsters’ because they can only operate with a gang. I bet my Durban brother would have easily dented each one of those so called gangsters one by one. Durban BRU, sorry this happened to you. I hope you did lay a charge.

  15. Edward says

    As it drags out, this issue is being used to perpetuate anti-Memon stereotypes. Other Indian Muslims are guilty of it as well. Channel Islam published some sanctimonious “satire” that pointedly used the stereotypically Memom word “bha” repeatedly. It didn’t go unnoticed.

  16. Anonymous says

    I was always under the impression that Muslim people were very united.
    Its tremendously sad to see that one “brother” could hurt another so badly.
    You guys always stick together which was quite admirable actually.
    And guys why the hell are you fighting over such an ugly girl??? There are so many beautiful and outrageously stunning Muslim girls out there! Atleast fight for one that is worth it.

  17. Priscilla says

    I am yet to see an professional person behaving in this manner, almost always it’s people with very little Brain Matter

  18. BULL says


    exercise and loosen ur neck muscles ……. why ?…….. bcoz you gonna be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life!!!!!!!


  19. Natheem says

    To those moron gangsters, Chicky – Your Worst Nightmare – Lamba & Ziyaad -The Godfather -Janoo seeing that you run and are the biggest gangsters in Pretoria with apparently heaps of money.

    When you have the time can you open up a branch office in Cape Town so that you can sort out our problems here also.

    We love you to put some people in the bush here. Oh! I forgot you must bring your mommy and daddy along for protection.

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