Will you be attending the opposition’s national day of action march?

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The National Day of Action march organised by eight opposition parties – including the Economic Freedom Fighters, Democratic Alliance and United Democratic Movement – is set to take place on Wednesday at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. The Daily Vox team asked Joburgers whether they plan to attend it, and who should take over from Jacob Zuma if the marchers get what they want – the president stepping down.

Isaac Moeketse, 49, unemployed, Hammanskraal
I don’t know about tomorrow’s protest because I am too busy trying to find employment for myself and family. But I know for a fact that, if the EFF is involved, the protest will be a success because we know how fearless the party is. I also think it may be the protests that could result in Zuma stepping down. We’ve had enough, we vote for people to be in power so they can free and represent us but the moment they get into power, they don’t do any of that. He seems to have forgotten that we voted for him. Should he step down as president, I think Julius Malema or Cyril Ramaphosa would make great presidents, but Cyril more than Julius, because he has better leadership skills than Jacob Zuma. I also believe that if the ANC makes him [Cyril] president, it could restore our faith in the party again. He’s made mistakes here and there, but he is my best candidate.

Thulane Mngoma, 32, driver, Soweto
I do know about tomorrow’s protest, I will attend. I’m also not happy about the way the president is running the country. I think the march will be a success, because we want the same thing a common goal, a better South Africa. We must [unite] because now it’s about the country, it’s not about the individuals and political parties, it’s about the country. I’m not sure at the moment about the current leadership … if there’s money there, there’s corruption. We need people who will put South Africa first. Like the former president, Nelson Mandela. I believe he did that. We need more people like him, the Oliver Tambos.

Dorca, 43, unemployed, Hillbrow
I heard that there is a march happening tomorrow but I’m not participating because I’m too busy. The fact that the EFF is also organising this march is another reason why I will not attend it because I will be showing my ungratefulness to the ANC. I am a Zimbabwean who is legally in SA because of the ANC, not the EFF. I have my work permit through the ANC and I still love the ANC. The problem with the EFF is that they are too aggressive for me; they fight too much. I want Zuma to fall, not the ANC. I want Nkosazana-Zuma to replace him as president of this country, because she’s a female, she knows her work and she can rule. Aside from her helping people restore in the ANC, she is the one who can bring about change in this country, especially for women.

Bongani Mgandela, 25, personal trainer/sales clerk, Parktown North
Because of work I would love to [attend the protest] but then time is not on my side. To be brutally honest, I don’t think it will be a success, because it comes down down to our government. The government is going to say whatever they think is appropriate for everyone to hear. Or they could just ignore it, and then find something that is going to be a lot more critical to speak about.if you look at the ANC right now, it’s not what it was actually built for. Which is kind of sad because I would honestly believe that – I would love to see a nation that I could actually go back to. Because at at my age, I would go to somewhere else that is a lot better. At the end of the day, our government seems like the only priority they have is money. Nothing else, nothing more.

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