10 unforgettable moments of solidarity from #FeesMustFall


While news reports and timelines are filled with images of burning tyres and overturned police cars, the #FeesMustFall protests brought many South Africans together in support and solidarity. BENAZIR CASSIM rounds up her favourite images from the less-documented side of the protests.

1. Wits campus control came over to the light side early on, showing their support for students even as they patrolled campus:

2. Students at Wits arranged tutorials and study sessions to prove that it is possible to be dedicated to your studies and your cause at the same time:

3. Wits SRC collected donations for those who slept in Senate House (or Solomon Mahlangu House as students have renamed it) during the campaign:

4. Students showed a deep spirit of generosity and camaraderie towards their fellow protestors.  

5. After students were arrested for protesting outside Parliament, Equal Education and other NGOs offered legal assistance to those stuck in jail:

6. A seemingly ad hoc organisation, #Medics4FMF, collected medical supplies to help anyone injured during the protests:

7. At the Union Buildings, students made a human shield around Muslim students who’d stopped to pray in congregation on the lawns:

8. After a week of protests ended in Grahamstown, students at the institution currently known as Rhodes came together to clean up the streets:

Cleaning up the remains of burned tyres is dirty work but students are hard at work #FeesMustFall #NationalShutdown pic.twitter.com/LCZt9oHPai

— Oppidan Press (@oppidanpress) October 24, 2015

9. Same for the University of the Western Cape:

10. And in Jo’burg, following the students’ march to Luthuli House:

Students picking up litter at Luthuli House, Union Buildings during #Feesmustfall#Leadership. #Feeshavefallen^TK pic.twitter.com/ngUhFJm89L

— City of Joburg (@CityofJoburgZA) October 24, 2015

– Featured image via Aaisha Dadi Patel

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  1. As a Wits graduate and staff member, to all Witsies, you did us proud!!! Your discipline and restaint under trying circumstaces was awe inspiring. I take a bow to you all. This is not a race issue. It is a class issue. Bless you all!!!!


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