“I am a 40-year-old woman and embarrassed to have voted for the DA today”

She did it again.

No sooner had the polls closed than Helen Zille dumped the DA straight into the line of fire.

It started with Zille tweeting about a group of students who described the UCT “as our present reluctant home” in an article in the Cape Argus. Zille took offence to the statement and suggested the following:

Well, that was odd. Given the structural issues at UCT, the students’ comments are quite standard. It’s like Zille just woke up from a time capsule. And as you can imagine, the responses to Zille were merciless.

Zille then added an addendum to her tweet, which made a lot more sense. 

Not really. And others stepped in and asked Zille to calm down. And perhaps get off Twitter.

Yes. Calm the f*** down! Thoughts?