5 Nollywood On Netflix Movies To Check Out

In My Country

The Nigerian entertainment industry is one of the African continent’s most successful entertainment exports. Commonly known as Nollywood, the industry has been around for several decades. There isn’t clarity around what exactly constitutes a Nollywood movie, but regardless the industry has been growing in popularity domestically and globally.  In the past four years, global streaming service Netflix has jumped on the bandwagon by acquiring the rights to several Nollywood projects. 

If you want to start watching Nollywood movies and dramas, The Daily Vox team has compiled 5 movies currently showing on Netflix to get you started. 

Accidental Spy

Emmanuel Prince, a tech-savvy man gets dumped by his girlfriend and then becomes entangled in a reality show mix up with Nigerian’s most infamous cartel, without even realizing it. 


A woman training to become a nun, doubts her calling. She then decided to have a child, which triggers an ancient prophecy. 

In My Country

The story is centered around a teacher whose daughter needs life-changing surgery. She turns to a dubious man for help but this action has unforeseen repercussions.

New Money

An aspiring fashion designer finds out that her estranged father had a billion-dollar empire, and now she is the heiress to the empire. 

Up North 

A pampered heir to a wealthy family is made to complete a year of work before he can inherit all of his father’s money. However, like the title suggests, he finds himself completely out of his comfort zone. 

Featured image provided by Netflix