5 Woke Youtubers Worth Your Data

Seemingly everybody is starting a YouTube channel to showcase the same personalities and to tell us the same dos and dont’s in black households. Watching these videos can be a waste of your data, especially in this economy. However, these five YouTube vloggers (in no particular order) who speak on social injustice issues and politics are who we think are worth your time and data.


This is one of the newest YouTube channels that brought a fresh approach to discussions about social issues on social media. #WeTheNetSA is definitely a YouTube channel worth spending your last bit of data on. Started by a group of eight young individuals, #WeTheNetSA discusses the daily issues and experiences faced by many young black people in South Africa. Also speaking patriarchy, misogyny, queerphobia, and toxic masculinities drawing from personal narratives and lived experiences, this channel could help broaden your perspective on understanding social issues.

The Suburban Zulu Show

The Suburban Zulu Show is a YouTube channel by queer activist Lelo Macheke, who defines himself as a creative intellectual. The show mainly focuses on the politics of what it means to be black and queer in South Africa. With topics ranging from romance and dating within gay culture, to navigating your gender and sexuality in heteronormative spaces and also conflicts and struggles faced by queer bodies within their own community, the Suburban Zulu Show would be a great place to learn more on the politics and complexities around gender and identity.

Pap Culture

Pap Culturewas started by three young women: Bongeka Masango, Nwabisa Mda, and Thembe Mahlaba. It has managed to challenge and engage social issues in a way that sparks conversations amongst young people. This trio, listed amongst the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans last year, speaks on issues such as the politics of hair, race and racism, gender, rape culture, and the financial struggles faced by young working professionals.

The Foxy Five Web series

Jabu Nadia Newman’s web series The Foxy Five is an important series that explores intersectional feminism and the daily experiences faced by black women in South Africa and also how transphobic woke and queer people can be.

Sibu Mpanza

Probably one of the first and very few Youtubers in South Africa to breakout for his in-depth and critical topics, Sibu Mpanza has arguably mastered the art if creating videos that are sharp and precise and easily grab your attention. Also speaking on issues around rape culture, patriarchy, and toxic masculinities, Sibu Mpanza is definitely a Youtuber worth your data.

Featured image via Unsplash