Nine ways to keep busy when the weather’s gloomy

The weather gods are going to be very unkind to South Africans over the next few days. As the temperature plummets, the Eastern Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal might even see some snowfall. While the snow can be exciting, the howling wind and pelting rain is a different story altogether. RA’EESA PATHER rounds up  nine ways to keep busy and not go crazy with cabin fever as the ice sets in.

1. Make a game of it
Whether you’re cracking open the boardgames, or shooting down the baddies in Call of Duty, games are a fun way to pass time. Plus a little competitive banter can turn a dreary day into an exciting one.

2. Turn on the TV
As South Africans we all groan that DStv is useless apart from the news and sports channels, but that’s why we have DVDs and the cinema. Warm buttery popcorn, a good film, and a cosy day indoors. Not bad for a winter’s day.

3. Whip up a cake
Forget Tim Noakes or whatever diet buzz you’re following. It’s cold and we need to survive. Get out the baking utensils and all the sugary good stuff you can find. What’s better than cutting into a warm cake on an icy day? Even if the cake flops, it’ll still taste good.

Cold weather cartoon 1

4. Make a fire
Crackling wood, s’mores, and the wholesome comfort of home. Who said there’s no warmth in winter? Just don’t burn the house down.

5. Build a fort
Being indoors might get the kids feeling bored and restless. Grab some blankets, a few chairs, and pile young ’uns under a fort. It’ll keep them entertained, so you can get some rest.

6. Take a nap
When the wind starts howling, and the rain starts falling, then evidently, it’s time to take a nap. Winter doesn’t have to be a snoozefest, but how are we really supposed to stay awake without the sunlight?

7. Read a book
For the bookworms, winter is the opportune season to cuddle up with a great book. If you’re new to reading and promised you’d always try that great novel your friend told you about, then carpe diem because there’s nothing better than a good a bit of reading on a gray, wintry day. Also, you might want to go old school and use a book book instead of an e-book. You never know when Eskom might shut down the electricity.

Cold weather cartoon 3

8. Dress in layers
In times of coldness, layer up. Tank tops, vests, a couple of sweatshirts, jerseys, and a few pair of socks might get the feeling back into your fingertips. You might look like a snowman, but we promise you won’t be as cold.

Also, for the ladies, those layers will come in handy when they boys start texting: “Hey bae, it’s so cold. How about we cuddle to stay warm?”. Riiiight.

Cold weather cartoon 2

9. Don’t let winter stop you
Yes, it’s cold and wet and windy, but it’s just winter. Go to that party that your friend invited you to. Even if your hair gets wet, dance it off. Had plans to go on a hike? Take a walk in the park? Do it. After all, as Ranulph Fiennes said: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

– Illustrations by Nathi Ngubane, featured image by Bertie79, via Wikimedia Commons.