Aaisha’s Ramadaan diaries, Day 6: On the joys of ice-cream

Day 6: ice cream

I don’t know what it was that possessed me to queue for artisanal ice-cream on a night with temperatures close to freezing. I can use a number of excuses that will all make sense and are all in themselves true – I wanted to spend time with my sisters and my neighbour and do something fun with them. I also wanted to go out and have ice cream because that’s what I was craving. I wanted to support small, local business (here is a list of a few more to support).

But the possibility must also be considered that I just like things. When I saw that @icecream.iloveyou were having a pop-up at Industry Bakery I was excited to go check it out (and so were three of my sisters and my neighbour) so after taraweeh (the extra prayer in Ramadan), we went through to Greenside.

People were queuing like it was a new Starbucks.  I ran into a few other friends too, but it was fun. And hey, it was pretty cool to watch the ice-cream be made in such a unique way.



Ice-cream invokes nothing but sweet memories for me and when all else is wrong in the world, works as a good-enough temporary distraction.

Maybe I do just like things. But maybe it’s just that small novelty things like this make me happy – and that’s okay. Also, eating sweet things is totally a sunnah – so you best believe that when all other excuses fail, I’ll be using that as a justification too.