This is what Adam Habib said about access to higher education


Yes, Adam Habib said university is not for everyone.

But wait, that’s not all he said. 

Speaking at the first day of hearings facilitated by the fees commission‚ Habib said matriculants “must have other options. If you don’t go to university‚ you will still land up with a future”.

“At the moment‚ there are many students that would be more appropriately located in Technical Vocational Education and Training (Tvet) system. Three to four million young people are sitting at home. [We need to] start making sure that the four million are in Tvet colleges,” Habib said.

According to him there is a need to create alternates to university like vocational training.

“The challenge we confront is a challenge of our ambitions and resources. We have to increase access to education‚ to healthcare. What we have got to figure out is how we get there‚” Habib said.


  1. Habib is right. My cousin passed matric 27 years ago with lower grade subjects. He attended a technical high school and majored in heavy motor mechanics at school. He did not botehr to attend a tertiary college. My cousin became a millionaire by his thirties and has driven the latest Mercs for many years now. I on the other hand went to uni. Even though I do not live in debt, I am not a millionaire and I do not drive a Merc. I am thus a great supporter of vocational high schools and tertiary colleges. If given the chance to redo things, I will choose a vocational college.


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