After colonising the country, stealing its resources, the French are now raping CAR’s children

It had to happen.

This week a confidential UN report documenting sexual abuses of French peacekeepers on children in the Central African Republic (CAR) was leaked.

The report, titled “Sexual Abuse on Children by International Armed Force”, details how French peacekeepers raped and sodomised boys at a camp for the  internally displaced in the capital Bangui.

French soldiers were sent to the country in early 2014 to provide protection to civilians as the nation fell deep into a civil war. If you want to read about the civil war, how it began and how the French have contributed to the crisis as the thieving libtards they are, click here. 

But back to the report. The confidential document was commissioned by the UN office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

After the report was completed in 2014, and the UN failed to act against the perpetrators, a UN official Anders Kompass passed the document to French prosecutors.

The Guardian reported on Wednesday that Swedish citizen Kompass has since been suspended for being awesome.

UN peacekeepers have been previously accused of sexual abuse in a number of countries.

In March the UN was accused of ignoring a report that claimed sexual abuse was the biggest risk to peacekeeping on the planet. The report looked at abuse in Congo, Haiti, Liberia and South Sudan. Abuse from the aforementioned countries account for some 85% of all sexual abuse cases against peacekeepers.

Once again, it’s not just the accusations of sexual abuse that is troubling, even despicable; it is the UN’s decision to suspend an aid worker for leaking the document to French prosecutors that has left us all gasping.

The French are in CAR for all the wrong reasons, and the abuses by its soldiers are unsurprising. But we expect better from the UN.

What happened to free speech and all that #Jesuischarlie stuff about speaking out?

Or do these principals not apply to reports about African children fondled by the hands of perverted French soldiers?

Read the full report on the Guardian here.