ANC 10 make it to heaven, help campaign for local elections


The 10 ANC supporters who tragically died in a bus accident last week have made it to heaven, several sources close to Pastor Mboro have confirmed.

“We can confirm that the 10 martyrs are in good spirits after making the long journey,” one source who refused to be named, said, adding that Mboro was ready to provide pictures, should the media require them.

Another source said the 10 martyrs were first taken by Tata (Madiba) to the homes of Andries (Tatane) and the miners (of Marikana) as well as many of those foreigners killed in South Africa, before they entered through the pearly gates.

Speaking at the funeral, President Jacob Zuma said the tragic passing of the 10 ANC members should serve as reminder that “the ANC is an idea that must live beyond all of us”.

According to EWN Zuma thanked the families of the deceased for borrowing the party what he calls “people who gave their lives to the movement”.

“The lives of these comrades are of equal worth to those who we now regard as ancestors of the ANC,” the president said.

Another source close to heavenly arrangements however said the newly arrived ANC members were enjoying the fruits of heavenly democracy, and did not seek to be called upon to inspire jaded South Africans to fill stadiums, be it in yellow, or blue.

“A better life for all is indeed possible – as we have seen here in heaven,” the source said. “All of us here just want what’s good for the country but if we are called to the front lines of the campaign we cannot refuse.”

“It’s what happens during local elections,” the source said.

Abu O’Well is a satirist and an inciteful contributor to The Daily Vox. Sometimes he is teasing; sometimes he’s not.


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