Dear ANC, WTF was this?


On Wednesday morning, a picture of a woman wearing a skimpy bikini in ANC colours was posted on the @ANCJHB Twitter page. The tweet was deleted, but not before people went full woke on it. THE DAILY VOX rounds up some of the fallout.

The tweet was posted at 08:30 in the morning and was later deleted from the account, with an apology.

But you know how fast these tweeps can type, right?

Some thought that instead of the image objectifying women, people were just hating on the costume’s “swag.”

It’s not yet clear whether those are meant to be the colours of the ANC’s flag… or Jamaica’s.

We have a lot of questions. How did something like this find its way onto a social media account that is linked to the ruling party in the first place? Will the ANC give us the Mbaks treatment and say they were hacked? How is this not objectification? And where oh where is the ANC Women’s League?

Seriously ANC, WTF?


  1. Ahh, yes, of course… when a woman does something with her body that prohibitionist pseudo-feminists don’t like they reach for the “objectivism” myth first.


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