#AskMmusi – a lunch-time chuckle for all

New DA leader Mmusi Maimane loves to stay in touch with the people online – he even had a hangout with The Daily Vox not very long ago. AAISHA DADI PATEL rounds up what went down with #AskMmusi.

When it was announced that the “Obama of Soweto” would be having a Town Hall to answer questions via the hashtag #AskMmusi on Twitter, people already knew that it was going to get crazy.

They weren’t wrong. Twitter town halls have a reputation for backfiring and Maimane’s press office was obviously taking a risk.

Some people even offered their opinions of what Maimane was probably saying to himself just before it all went live.

And then it was show time!

Soon enough, the hashtag had gone viral with people posing the expected ridiculous questions.



Truth be told though, people were being quite ridiculous.

Maimane himself took it in good humour.


He even hinted at something he has in common with Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema.

And while the question time on Twitter wasn’t all used constructively, some people were certain there would be at least one benefit from the Town Hall.

But for now…

That’s all folks!

– Featured image: Supplied.