#BeTheDrivingForce Chit Chat Club: Election Season now available to stream

In May 2021, The Daily Vox and Youth Capital launched the #BeTheDrivingForce series for Youth Month. The series explored the different challenges facing young people. These include climate change, menstruation rights, policy activism, infectious diseases, the cost of job-seeking, certification challenges, and the basic income grant, among others.

The series continued past Youth Month and evolved in weekly and biweekly discussions along with Open Dialogue. In the lead-up to the 2021 Local Government Elections, The Daily Vox, Youth Capital & Open Dialogue have discussed and explained current political events & ongoing socio-economic issues occurring in South Africa.

From those conversations on Twitter Spaces, the Chit Chat Club was formed. Guests were invited to answer questions while searching for solutions that represent the needs of the youth and working class. The conversations have all been saved in podcast form to listen to whenever.

The podcasts are available on all streaming platforms to listen to as election day draws closer.