#Beychella Is Upon Us, Here’s How To Prepare

Coachella weekend is upon us, and as the Beyhive we are more excited to see Queen Bey, the mother of the music industry, headlining the festival. Unlike watching many other artists and performers, one has to prepare themselves before watching a Beyonce performance. So we have compiled a comprehensive list to help you get your life in order before watching #Beychella.

Catch as many Beyonce live performances as you can

It’s a well-known fact that Beyonce normally performs the same choreo and spices it up a bit every now and then. Because she knows how complex and energy consuming her moves on stage are, she repeats them so we can constantly catch up and get our choreo in check to avoid looking busted and clueless.

Stalk Beyonce’s team to check out what’s happening with rehearsals

Beyonce is well known for planning and preparing her projects undercover, but sometimes she or her team drop an image or two of what is happening behind the scenes, just to give us a warning that she’s about to come for edges. If you’re not sure where to start looking, stan accounts like @Bey_Legion are the best place to start digging.

Remove all furniture and make space where you will be watching

Beyonce didn’t get the “greatest performer of this era” title by strolling up and down the stage, she knows how to fill up a stage with her performance. From her iconic Crazy In Love choreo to her sickening mashup choreos, you sure will want to remove your furniture and any hard objects while trying to imitate her moves, more especially when she has allegedly hired about a hundred models for her Coachella performance. That should give you an indication how lit that stage is going to be.

Get your data in formation

For many of us fans who won’t be attending the Coachella music festival, the event will be live streamed on Youtube and various other Beyhive stan accounts. So make sure you have your data or internet connection in check to avoid missing out on even single step.

Get your voice in check

This mainly applies to those who stay with their families. When you’re watching a Beyonce concert, a spiritual aura kicks you and you find yourself screaming your lungs out, and sometimes you hear yourself also screaming “bitch!” a lot, as a sign of your edges being scalped away and your hairline receding. So make sure you’re not near your parents’ room or anyone’s room who will be annoyed by your noise. Or just give them a heads up so they know what to expect.

Try to tighten your wigs and edges

When that beat comes on or those visuals introducing Beyonce come one, you need to make sure you are watching with undivided attention, and make sure you’re also holding onto your wigs and edges, although they will definitely fall off when she appears.

Beyonce will be performing at the Coachella main stage on Saturday at 08:00 (South African time). You can catch the official live stream of the music festival on Coachella’s Youtube website.

Featured image via Flickr