1. hippiegoth says

    Thank you for this. I appreciate this as a collection of responses that are better stated than I could have done (thank you, TO Molefe and Tom Eaton).

    Have to admit, I was amused by @zeynib’s summary of the conflation of blackface and Xhosa initiation rituals. Really, mense. It’s not the same thing.

  2. tarryn says

    Nice summary. Have been shocked and horrified by comparisons to the movie ‘White Chicks’. Just…really? What?

  3. DK Badenhorst says

    It’s a pity that these two girls are now suspended from their residences. I don’t think they meant Blackface in any historical political context – it was two girls depicting local stereotypes (and outdated at that). If you want to dig deeper it’s interesting that nothing’s been done to shift the necessary link between black women and domestic work. But this then points to the education system and it becomes difficult to grab your torches & pitchforks and write remarks on the lack of education.

    There will be cultural understanding lurking just beneath the surface, but in true SA style, we’re not interested in understanding or what they really meant, instead we’re interested in how much we can claim to be offended.

    Why will the world be better off by punishing these girls? Will it teach us that no one dares make a comment that involves race or skin colour in a country that at some point actually referred to itself as a rainbow nation.

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