“But how will we pay for it?” Financing a UBIG 

Universal Basic Income Guarantee Factsheet Series

Keen to learn more about a Universal Basic Income Guarantee (UBIG) but not sure where to start? Over the next week the Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ) will be releasing seven factsheets covering all you need to know about how a UBIG can help to chart a course to a more equal, just and prosperous South Africa. You can read the seven factsheets here, first on The Daily Vox and on the IEJ website.

The factsheets boil down local and international research, in a way that is quick and easy to read and understand. The series will cover:

  1. Why does South Africa need a Universal Basic Income Guarantee?
  2. No one left behind: Why universal basic income makes more sense than targeted grants
  3. Jobs versus Grants: Are employment and basic income a policy trade off?
  4. How a UBIG can support healthier kids, happier adults, and lifelong learning
  5. How a UBIG can advance gender justice and social cohesion
  6. Not just a handout: How a UBIG gives people the power to prosper
  7. “But how will we pay for it?” Financing a UBIG 

We’ll be publishing the factsheets daily over the next seven working days so be sure to check back in.

This series is a collaboration between the IEJ and The Daily Vox. The IEJ has produced the factsheets which are exclusively available on The Daily Vox website.