Cape Town blogger disses fellow Muslims in Ramadan rant, and gets schooled


A blog post by fashion blogger Zahrah Perry has caused outrage in the South African Muslim community, after it attempted to criticise Muslims who cast judgement on Muslims who donâ€t observe Ramadan, but instead belittled an entire community who follow the traditions of the month.

The post, titled “The Hunger Games- Ramadan Edition”, was published on Friday morning, and by Saturday, had gained more than 20,000 reads, crashed Perryâ€s website, and propelled her to Twitter infamy, trending status attached.

“I have nothing to feel ashamed about nor hide. Dude, my mommy knows where I am (thanks, bye) and as I am an adult, my decisions are my own,” Perry wrote.

The incident, she writes, made her reflect on how Muslims judge each other during the month of Ramadan, and how she sees Muslims behave differently for one month only to return to smoking marijuana, drinking and clubbing after the month passes. In her post, references to her love life and her neighbours sending burnt pancakes (no, seriously) for her family to break fast inspired the odd joke among readers, but her remarks about Muslims who become “part-time religious folk” involved in “alter-ego shit” were fodder for outrage.

“High-five to you for trying to either please mum and dad this month, cleanse, lose weight, do it because your friends are doing it, or do it for the right reasons. Do what you wish, but to those of you who I will be seeing out and about in the next month or two, donâ€t turn your nose up at those who are not part-taking or entertain this alter-ego shit, where I canâ€t have a decent conversation without your eyes throwing down judgement of, ‘how Muslim are youâ€,” Perry wrote.

The post started a storm across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where some people applauded Perry for her outspokenness, but many criticised the way in which she seemed to reject people who tried to be conscious of Islamic traditions and rites during the month of Ramadan.


The blogosphere has also reacted strongly to Perryâ€s blog. In one instance, a Christian blogger called Ruth, criticised Perry for bashing Muslims who sinned, but chose to follow Islamic practices during Ramadan.

“You see the very things that you are bashing these Muslim people for… Christian people do too. Hindu people do it too. PEOPLE do it. Human beings all sin. No sin is greater than the other. If we bashed each other every time someone sinned, our world would be as bitter as your post,” Ruth wrote.

The backlash continued throughout Saturday, and Perry posted a response to her critics on Facebook.

Good Morning it’s the weekend!And so the server overloaded and crashed, I will try to get it alive and kicking…

Posted by The Perry Book- blog on Saturday, June 20, 2015

As the furore continues, Perry has maintained on social media that her blog was targeting neither Islam nor Ramadan, but rather Muslims who judge each other.

– Featured image: The famous brightly coloured houses found in Bo-Kaap. (Ashraf Hendricks/The Daily Vox).


  1. She could write blog posts for the rest of her life criticising Muslim hypocrisy without ever needing to criticise Islam or Ramadan. Because Muslims are just that hypocritical.

    I love Islam, but I don’t love Muslims.

    • Emma, that’s. A very unfair generalisation. As a Muslim whom u don’t know, u have pre judged me. It’s. Called stereotyping and is a bad practice. Please correct your mistake.

    • then you need to start spending time with proper muslim before making such a general statement. what kind of Muslim people do you associate with, because the kind that I associate with, are good, decent, himble, religious people

  2. @Emma, well done for taking this opportunity to strengthen your misconceptions. As if we all need to hear that sort of stereotypical opinion at the end of a piece like this. To the author, this is standard reporting, and you’ve covered all the points, but your headline is very misleading. Yes, she got bashed, but for me she came out on top, unscathed. Opinions are nothing more than opinions, and wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

  3. This is for emma, you love islam but you don’t love muslims?? Well yes, mos muslims sin, even those who comes from a good home, with good parents. They still sin without their parents knowing what they catch on outside. But then again, you do get, and its very rare. But you do get muslims who are very sincere and who strongly believes in islam, so its not everyone. Don’t compare every muslim to the muslims that you know, or that you know is doing wrong. Cause not everyone is the same. Thank you!

  4. She only wrote this blog for attention.. The amount of ignorance and sarcasm in this article is evident, creating all this uproar and yet she continues to go about her day as if nothing has happened. We are no better by judging her for this ( I am not, by all means, defending what she wrote ) but she, like all others will get her punishment for her sins by The One & Only Judge and Creator. May The Almighty have Mercy on this girl and may she one day go in the right path. Ramadaan Kareem to ALL muslims.

  5. I think she looking for attention. Why all these writing about ramadan. So if you not practising islam and you want to go clubbing etc. do that on your own. No need to let the world know and your feeling on ramadan. Dont brush all muslims with the same brush… An yes what if the scarves etc come out in ramadan… you dont know what can happen after ramadan. We make dua for each and everyone. And what kind parent knowing where her child is first night of taraweeg and ramadan is starting. I see her mom in gym all the time and I never knew she was a muslim!

  6. If anyone can prove her wrong them please do so now, otherwise just bek. As for that attention seeker Ruth, does she even know the meaning of born again? She’s all about the headlines and “likes”.

  7. Those very people she judges might easily have been forgiven by one simple good deed whilst she continues to be judgmental and down right ignorant. Allah judges, no human has any right to!

  8. Zarah is an attention seeker and she sounds like an atheist. Her mom needs a good hiding for allowing her idiotic daughter in clubs and nogal in our holy month. Mom obviously has no control over the bitch.

  9. Everyone should be more worried about themselves, you not going to be answerable for what others say or do when you die… in the end we all have different levels of understanding and perceptions, yes there are Muslims that are not Islamic and a lot, but we have no right to judge them all these Muslims that are outraged is just showing that Muslims judge, including Perry… judging hmm we judge everyday in our minds “there’s not enough sugar in my coffee” or “my bath water is cold I might need to throw some more hot water”

    we all judging but people who look for faults in others are in fact projecting…

    the human mind is beautiful in how it works and its sad the majority of people will never be able to fathom the truth.

    we live in a world of people with small minds

    boxed brains

    completely psycho insane

    giving but taking

    praying but faking

    if we believed

    we’d be shaking

    hypocritical thinkers

    who’s angered by opinions

    we all have the right to express our opinions
    if you offended by another’s opinions you obviously have something to hide

    if you a true Muslim focus on Islam not just in Ramadan but throughout the year if you want to be Muslim once a month every year then do that if you believe Ramadan is not for you then don’t part take in the Hunger Games we all have our own rights and will be answerable for ourselves if or when that time comes if you Angry about this Perry blog then you obviously a person who is a once a year Muslim if you not then you a Muslim and if you support her you either like minded or unreligious either way I don’t care I was just bored and wanted to type something during my office session

    I flush you and leave you

    Enjoy the rest of your Lives 🙂

  10. This girl is absolutly shamelessl, she has no respect. Please don’t tell me she is just expressing her opinion, there is a way and manner in which you express your opinion, the “Hunger Games” is not it. She talks about these Muslims that drink and club, but then fast, how does she know they drink and club, if she herself is not doing it. Furthermore, what kind of decent muslim girl associates herself with these “Muslim People” that drink and club. In Islam you are suppose to distance yourself from people like that, which she clearly does not, saying much about her character. And so what if the pancakes are burnt, it is sent with a good heart, there are so many hungry people out there, say bismillah and eat. Yes she is an adult, free to do what she wants when she wants, if she does not want to be Muslim, then fine, that’s her choice and her sin, but then don’t put stupid blogs on youtube declaring that you Muslim, because clearly she has no concept of what it is to be Muslim and that is just very sad. When I read the blog about her father, I truly felt sad for her, losing a father is the most painful thing in the world and yet she achieved so much, making me feel a sense of happyness for her. She portrayed herself to be this humble, sweet girl, who shares her food with the less fortunate, but clearly the Real Zahra Perry is a far cry from whom she portrays herself to be.


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