SA youth unemployment: What’s the problem?

If you're South African, under 35 years old and looking for a job, you're in for a tough time. There are 3.3-million unemployed South...

Five facts you may not know about June 16

If you going to share Hector's photo, you might as well know the facts about June 16. We know June 16 mostly because of that iconic image...

June 16 in five quotes

On June 16 students across Soweto revolted against a law that made Afrikaans the language of instruction in African schools across the country. The apartheid...

Youth Day: “I do not celebrate it or commemorate it”

Antoinette Sithole, Hector Pieterson's sister, speaks about life after June 16. On June 16, Soweto students embarked on a march against Bantu education and the use of...

The cost for community in Woodstock’s gentrification

RA’EESA PATHER visited residents in Woodstock’s Page Lange who have been caught between a spate of new development and their own history.

Life in the debris of the eNsimbini settlement

The eThekwini municipality says it is determined to continue demolishing what it terms “illegal” settlements in and around Durban. But what about the people for whom these settlements are home? By Rumana Akoob for SOUTH AFRICA VOTES 2014.

A moment with Zuleikha Mayat

Zulieka Mayat is renowned in the South African Indian community for her cook book, Indian Delights, which was first published in 1954. The 87-year-old was also active in the struggle against the apartheid government in Durban where she organised a women’s community group that has worked tirelessly for social change. RUMANA AKOOB spoke to her.