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Blame it on Affirmative Action

The South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR) created a stir at the weekend when it claimed that affirmative action is killing babies and...

Just another shack demolition

On Monday afternoon, a shack demolition ordered by the South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) in Lwandle outside Cape Town came into the spotlight...

The “Vote No” campaign, for and against

Ronnie Kasrils and Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge have launched their “Vote No” campaign to staunch criticism. Political analysts, journalists and naysayers have slated the movement, claiming...

To vote or not to vote? LIVE magazine debate

Our managing editor KHADIJA PATEL participated in a debate on youth participation in this year's general election.

Dance the Zuma tune

Our Durban reporter, RUMANA AKOOB is at a "Hands Off Zuma" march in Durban. And she's found the cutest Zuma supporter... //

Zille: It’s deeper than just crapping on a journalist

Nothing that happens on Twitter will affect the outcome of South Africa’s 2014 elections, but that doesn’t mean that important stuff doesn’t happen there, writes SIMON WILLIAMSON.

Marriage and divorce in a Twitter minute

RAEESA PATHER scoured the interwebs to find out what South Africans are saying about the acrimonious fallout between the Democratic Alliance and Mamphela Ramphele.