Finding a language to debate politics

We have repeatedly heard opposition parties complain that the ruling party’s refusal of a public debate among its presidential candidates severely restricts the discourse...

Public health in SA: The good, the bad and what you...

DR. ATIYA MOSAM writes about her experiences working as a doctor in the public sector in South Africa.

How Free are us “Born Frees”?

JESSICA MOUNEIMNE wonders how our freedom is understood against the rate of violence against women.

Partying with the ANC

Zukiswa Wanner asks an ANC cadre to persuade her to vote for the ruling party.

The Election of the Born-frees: Make it count!

TESSA DOOMS feels that instead of invocations of the past and the right to complain, the motivation to vote in this year’s election should stem from a vision of the future.

Are there places for vulnerable groups anymore?

MUHAMMAD ZAKARIA SULEMAN asks whether there is a place for vulnerable groups in South African society. People with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups in the world. There is an inherent stigma that is attached to this segment of the population with either sensory, motor or cognitive disabilities. And this discrimination comes above the race- and gender-based oppression faced by South Africans everyday.

A queer fear in the ANC

SUNTOSH R PILLAY feels the ANC has not done enough to ensure the basic rights of the LGBTQ community on the rest of the continent.

Should I or shouldn’t I? – An expat’s view

MUHAMMAD KARIM writes from London on an expat’s conundrum during this election. To vote or not to vote?

Pan-Africanism: It’s what Mandela went to prison for

GOOLAM DAWOOD believes the philosophy of Pan-Africanism should inspire South Africans and their relationship with the rest of the world.

Foreign policy and the South African connection

How does international politics influence South Africans at the poll, asks FAHMIDA MILLER

Cosatu, the great South African all-rounder

SANDILE GUMEDE feels Cosatu must be clear about who it represents, the ANC or workers.

Cape Town: A tale of a two cities and a mountain

BIBI AISHA WADVALLA reflects on the two tales of a city, Cape Town and its contradictions.

Looking forward to election season

Every week, we invite a South African journalist to write a short blog on politics in the country. This week CCTV's FAHMIDA MILLER writes for us.