Should I or shouldn’t I? – An expat’s view

MUHAMMAD KARIM writes from London on an expat’s conundrum during this election. To vote or not to vote?

Pan-Africanism: It’s what Mandela went to prison for

GOOLAM DAWOOD believes the philosophy of Pan-Africanism should inspire South Africans and their relationship with the rest of the world.

Foreign policy and the South African connection

How does international politics influence South Africans at the poll, asks FAHMIDA MILLER

Cosatu, the great South African all-rounder

SANDILE GUMEDE feels Cosatu must be clear about who it represents, the ANC or workers.

Cape Town: A tale of a two cities and a mountain

BIBI AISHA WADVALLA reflects on the two tales of a city, Cape Town and its contradictions.

Looking forward to election season

Every week, we invite a South African journalist to write a short blog on politics in the country. This week CCTV's FAHMIDA MILLER writes for us.