Photo Essays

The health vote: how the parties compare

SOUTH AFRICA VOTES 2014 takes a look at how some of the major parties in this election compare on their health policies.

On Oscar Pistorius and being proudly South African

Are people more interested in the Oscar Pistorius trial than in the elections? FAATIMA TAYOB asked people in Durban what has been getting their attention.

Photo Essay: Kalk Bay’s fishermen

RA'EESA PATHER spoke to fishermen in Kalk Bay about their struggles as government enforces a new licensing programme.

Photo Essay: What would you tell the government?

The ballot box is one way of communicating our feelings about the government but it's hardly a dynamic conversation. What would South Africans say to their elected officials if they were presented with the chance. FAATIMA TAYOB visited Bokaap, Woodstock, Langa and Newlands in Cape Town to find out.

Photo Essay: Will you be voting?

Election season is in full swing and while the politicians dance (some of them more awkwardly than others). FAATIMA TAYOB found out how well the election is being anticipated in Cape Town.