Wednesday, July 6, 2022


How technology is changing elections in Kenya

With its thriving IT industry and net savvy population, Kenya has been touted as Africa's “silicon savannah”. This has manifested itself in several ways...

The sun is rising on renewable energy technologies

We find ourselves on the verge, once again, of global shifts such as migration and severe climate change among many other challenges forged as...

Kenyan authorities are cracking down on social media ahead of elections

Ahead of the general election on August 8, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) announced on Monday that it would hold the administrators of...

Gambian high school robotic team granted US visa at long last

Five teenagers will head over to The Gambia in mid-July for festival.

To tweet or not to tweet: #SocialMediaBlackout

Despite last year's #DataMustFall campaign, little has been done to lower the costs. Now, folk on Twitter are calling for a social media blackout: a...

Lack of state accountability raises concerns over surveillance in South Africa

In October this year, President Zuma announced that an inter-ministerial task team, including members of the Security Cluster, would be set up to deal with...

10 reasons why mobile rocks in Africa

Mobile use in Africa is expected to increase 20-fold in the next five years. Despite unreliable electricity and a lack of physical connectivity, Africans...