The African art of traditional healing

Herbalists and healers embody African culture, and their role in South Africa is still vitally important for many people despite the challenges traditional healers face, writes RA’EESA PATHER.

Too little for too many – the experience of public health...

The public health sector serves a staggering 84% of the country’s population. And many who use public health facilities complain that their basic needs are not catered for. RUMANA AKOOB reports.

Gauteng longs for a “healthy” healthcare system

Millions of people, burdened with chronic disease, flock to health facilities on a daily basis, where they experience poor services, rude nurses and insufficient medication. UYANDA SIYOTULA spoke to Gauteng residents.

Tea with Uncle Alimia

AAISHA DADI-PATEL chatted to Alimia Koor, a 77-year-old man about his memories of days gone by and his thoughts on politics in South Africa today.

A moment with Zuleikha Mayat

Zulieka Mayat is renowned in the South African Indian community for her cook book, Indian Delights, which was first published in 1954. The 87-year-old was also active in the struggle against the apartheid government in Durban where she organised a women’s community group that has worked tirelessly for social change. RUMANA AKOOB spoke to her.

Joburg’s elderly add their voice

The Emmarentia Eventide home is a Salvation Army home for elderly people in the Johannesburg suburb of Emmarentia. AAISHA DADI PATEL went to speak to residents to find out whether they'll be voting in the upcoming elections.

Soweto’s elderly laud freedom but are still not content with progress.

Apartheid has taught the older generation of South Africans to be patient. And even as South Africa’s fourth general election comes around, they are optimistic that things will be better, that our government will deliver. Their hope rests upon the ANC and the roots of this trust, love and loyalty dates back to the days of oppression. “We have come a long way,” they say, “there has been progress.” But they want more. They want change for the sake of their children and grand children. UYANDA SIYOTULA spoke to a group of senior citizens.

South Africa’s elderly: “There’s plenty of opportunities for all of us”

Much of South Africa’s elderly population derive their only income through a government pension, amounting to about R1 200 a month. In Durban, some of the aged say they have been living on shoestring budgets but are making the best of what they have. RUMANA AKOOB reports.

Cape Town’s elderly are ready to vote

In 2013, South Africans aged 65 years and older were a demographic minority, accounting for only 6.1% of the population. They may be a small community, but Cape Town’s elderly have a lot on their mind when it comes to elections and their role in society. RA’EESA PATHER reports.

The Nkandla estate saga: Zuma now the enemy

The extravagant expenditure of millions of rands on upgrades to President Jacob Zuma’s home in Nkandla has made him the biggest enemy in some communities. Anger stems from the general perception that the funds were misappropriated and could have been spent to improve the lives of less privileged South Africans. UYANDA SIYOTULA spoke to Sowetans about the scandal.

“A blatant abuse of power” – Durban speaks out against Zuma

The public protector found President Jacob Zuma in dereliction of his duty to protect state funds. RUMANA AKOOB found out what people in Durban had to say about the Nkandla Report.

No voting in Bekkersdal

UYANDA SIYOTULA spoke to Bekkersdal residents.

Durban homeless complain of police repression

The homeless on Durban's beachfront say they have been abused by the metro police for years. They say conditions are growing worse. Some who...

Israeli-Apartheid week and the ANC

Concerns have been raised over whether Israeli Apartheid week in South Africa was an ANC event and an instance of propaganda. AAISHA DADI PATEL canvassed reactions at Wits University.

Kliptown flood victims speak out

Shattered Kliptown shack dwellers might have lost their belongings during the floods that occurred on Wednesday the 5thof March, but they clearly did not lose their voices. They want change, services, a better life and houses miles away from the furious waters. But come elections, will they cast their vote in demand of this change? UYANDA SIYOTULA went to Kliptown to speak to victims, the ward committee and residents.

No trust in Cape Town’s police system

Last week, police officers stripped and beat a Nigerian man in the Cape Town CBD. The video went viral, erupting a new wave of controversy around police brutality. How do Capetonians feel about their protectors? RA’EESA PATHER reports.

“Hands off Zuma!”

RUMANA AKOOB spoke to ANC supporters in Durban who say President Zuma is being unfairly targeted by the Public Protector.

“If you don’t have any options then why vote?”

ERNA CURRY spoke to Corbin August, a media NGO intern from Kulls River in Cape Town.

“I see no change, no progress during the 20 years of...

ERNA CURRY spoke to Khaya Xintolo from Khayelitsha in Cape Town.

Who’s to blame for load shedding (version March 2014)?

RA’EESA PATHER spoke to business owners and workers in Cape Town to find out how they were affected by load shedding this week.