“I feel we are not free yet, we are still chained...

ERNA CURRY spoke to Eleanor Hoedemaker, an activist, a resident of the Zille-raine Heights informal settlement in Parkwood, Cape Town and an organiser in the Housing Assembly

“I’ve actually never voted…”

ERNA CURRY spoke to Colin Young, a 27 year-old Capetonian, studying to be a history teacher at University of Cape Town.

Are you happy with where your taxes are going?

In his annual budget speech on Wednesday, finance minister Pravin Gordhan presented a budget which relieved personal income tax, increased social grants and university subsidies and promised to upgrade commuter rail services. At the same time, he increased sin taxes and the fuel levy. AAISHA DADI PATEL and ZAINUB DOCKRAT went out to hear what the people of Johannesburg are saying about it.

Marching in the Mother City

Chaos erupted in the Cape Town CBD on Thursday. Marchers descended on the city centre in an illegal show of support for expelled ANC member Loyiso Nkohla and also voiced their anger over ineffective service delivery. Police used water canons and stun grenades on marchers, forcing the crowds to disperse. But people around the city have become familiar with the mounting protest action. RA’EESA PATHER reports.

No love for Cape Town’s new logo

The City of Cape Town is getting a new logo and its citizens are baffled. The new emblem is made up of colourful concentric...

Painting the stadium red

On Saturday, Mehlareng Stadium in Tembisa was painted “red for danger”. More than 20 000 EFF supporters were there to witness the unveiling of Julius Malema's EFF’s election manifesto. It detailed the plans that the “Red Revolution” has for South Africa. Buzzing with excitement and hope, these supporters are quite confident that their leader and party are the radical change the country has been waiting for. By UYANDA SIYOTULA

How does South Africa fit into the world?

RUMANA AKOOB spoke to South Africans about how they feel about South Africa's place in the world and who exactly South Africa should be lending a helping hand to.

Does foreign policy matter to your vote?

Does foreign policy matter? Cape Town says yes, but citizens have mixed feelings about party policies in hotbeds of conflict like Palestine and Israel and controversies on the African continent. By RA’EESA PATHER

Cape Town’s poo protesters talk

RA'EESA PATHER spoke to Capetonians who've come out in support of the "poo throwers".

AUDIO: Reacting to the “State of the Nation”

The politicians have had their say, but what do South Africans make of "South Africa according to Jacob Zuma"?

Capetonians cynical about SONA ’14

President Zuma’s State of the Nation address is looming over Cape Town. Many Capetonians remain cynical, claiming JZ needs to pull up his socks...

Party predictions for Sona’14?

As President Zuma gears up to deliver this year's State of the Nation address, our team rounds up what the various political parties are...

Where do political parties get their funding? Cape Town doesn’t know

Despite being in the dark about how parties are economically managed, RA’EESA PATHER discovered many Capetonians feel political funding can go a long way in determining where their vote goes.

Capetonians: We need houses

Housing seemed to be a common theme in conversations RA’EESA PATHER had with fellow Capetonians on the final day of the voters' registration.

Small queues but definite opinions at Cape Town’s registration stations

RA’EESA PATHER spoke to Capetonians registering to vote on Saturday and found many have already made up their minds about who they'll be voting for in May.

Durban’s not feeling the registration schmooze

Rumana Akoob finds little enthusiasm for voting registration in Durban.

An ANC march in Cape Town, but is Helen Zille listening?

RA’EESA PATHER spoke to ANC supporters who marched into the Cape Town CBD on Wednesday, demanding better services for poor people from the provincial government.

Cape Town, DAgang lands?

Cape Town has been the bedrock of DA support, but what happens when you walk up to a Capetonian and ask them about DAgang? RA’EESA PATHER FINDS OUT.

Is Ramphela Good For The DA?

RUMANA AKOOB found that Mamphela Ramphele's appointment as presidential candidate for the Democratic Alliance and the Agang SA merger has been backed strongly by DA supporters around Durban.

What does Durban think of JZ?

RUMANA AKOOB took to the streets of Durban and asked people their feelings towards the president and the controversies surrounding President Zuma.