Covid-19: How to help India in the Covid crisis

The current surge  of coronavirus infections is devastating India. The world’s second most populated country is facing an unprecedented crisis in which thousands of people are dying everyday. Hospitals are running out of oxygen and essential supplies. 

Currently, at least one out of every three new COVID-19 cases around the world today is being recorded in India. Hundreds of thousands of new infections are being reported everyday and experts believe these numbers still do not give the true picture of the crisis facing the country. 

The current wave has overwhelmed hospitals and crematoriums in the country. Experts have said the country has not even reached the peak of the second wave. Huge religious holiday super-spreader events, a decrease in the vaccination drive accompanied by the government-appointed task force for COVID-19 not holding any meetings in February and March are just some of the reasons behind the second wave. 

Seeing the media reports and social media images of the situation in India is extremely disheartening. This comes as there does not seem to be any end in sight for the major crisis. 

An informal group of volunteers have put together a list of resources of ongoing fundraisers related to the current situation in India. The list includes urgent needs by individuals and hospitals and fundraisers accepting foreign donations. 

The link to this extensive document can be found HERE (LINK)

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The list includes Making the Difference who works with public hospitals and nursing homes to provide healthcare equipment and supplies, Covid-19 Delhi Relief Work by PAIGAM, and Food and medical support for waste-picker families amongst many others. 

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