CT might be in crisis, but Joburg also needs to be saving water

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The City of Johannesburg released a statement on Monday saying that the level 1 water restrictions it had in March 2017 were still in place, and that residents had to restrict certain ways in which water is used. Those found to be contravening the level 1 restrictions will be fined. The Daily Vox team rounds up.

In an interview with The Daily Vox, Cllr Nico de Jager, the MMC for environment and infrastructure services said that the level 1 restrictions means that residents are not allowed to wash paved areas like driveways and so on with a hosepipe. Residents should also not water their gardens between 06:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the evening during summer and 08:00 and 16:00 during winter. The restrictions were kept in place even after the national department of water and sanitation lifted all water restrictions on the city in early March 2017.

De Jager said while there is a spike in the water consumption during the summer months, people should be aware that Johannesburg is a fastest growing area so there is a higher demand than other areas.

“But I also do believe that when we do appeal to residents generally, that there is some level of cooperation. At this stage we haven’t started with any punitive measures but obviously if Rand Water or nationally, they start with punitive measures, we will have to pass that onto our consumer but that is not the ideal.” De Jager said.

De Jager also mentioned that for now Johannesburg does have enough water, but that residents need to instill a culture of the conservation of our natural resources. He further said that was the reason for the level 1 restrictions which is to get residents to understand the need for a culture and behavioural change when it comes to water consumption and saving.

Dam levels in Gauteng are relatively high with Vaal Dam at 81%, Grootdraai at 101.9%, Sterkfontein at 94.3% and Bloemhof at 77.2%.  However, residents have still been encouraged to save water.

The water affairs department has said that residents in the province and across the country should continue to save water as the nation is still not yet out of the drought.

“We encourage people to adhere to the restriction imposed by municipalities. As national government we have gazetted restrictions in some areas and municipalities are continuing to impose those restrictions but you find that there is a lack of response in adhering to the restrictions‚” said the departmental spokesperson Sputnik Ratau.

Head over to the City of Johannesburg website for more tips on how to save water including reporting any leaking or burst pipes.

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