Winter has come to South Africa and it’s beautiful!

Just when we thought winter was nearing its end, it’s snowing in many parts of South Africa. Temperatures dipped as a cold front swept across the country this week. We know that the whole country is not experiencing the snow so we took the time to scour social media for some of the best pictures. Hopefully it will make the cold more bearable. Enjoy!

1. Barkly Pass, Eastern Cape looks like a scene out of a movie

2. Kids in the Eastern Cape are having the most fun right now

3. Houses, roads and poor shivering livestock are covered in snow in Elliot, Eastern Cape

4. KZN transformed by its cloak of snow

5. The Eastern Cape looking like some kind of winter wonderland!

6. Driving on the R58 in Barkly East just got a little bit more difficult. The road is covered in a blanket of snow!

7. A modest peppering of snow in the small town, Nottingham Road, in the KZN Midlands

8. Is there anything more idyllic than this picture from Clarens, Free State?

9. The Normandien Pass between the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal is almost invisible, covered entirely in snow

10. Whoa, this bucket of water in Bothaville, Free State is frozen rock solid

11. But it’s not just South Africa, our neighbours in Lesotho gets to make snow angels as as well!

Bundle up and stay warm, South Africa (and Lesotho)!

Featured image via Tembisa Mdoda on Twitter