Maimane on ‘fascinating’ trip to Israel while ambassador punts on SA government radio


Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane is currently on a low-key visit to Israel, going against presidential orders discouraging travel to Israel.

Speaking at the 105th anniversary of the African National Congress (ANC) in Soweto on Sunday, President Jacob Zuma strongly discouraged South Africa-Israel relations.

“The people of Palestine continue to suffer in their rightful quest for self determination,” Zuma said. The ANC “pledges its ongoing solidarity and support for their just cause. We reiterate that we firmly discourage travel to Israel for causes not related to fostering peace in the region”, he added.

Officially, the South African government supports a two-state solution. There are many parallels that have been drawn between South Africa’s apartheid regime and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, and ultimately South Africa supports the quest for Palestinian self-determination to live in peace, side-by-side with the state of Israel.

In December last year, Zuma pledged the ANC’s support for the UN Security Council resolution 2334 against Israel and called for unity in Palestine.

Reverend Edwin Arrison, chairperson of the National Coalition for Palestine, told The Daily Vox that Maimane’s travel to Israel is reckless. “It seems that even after the Security Council resolution and Israel’s extreme reaction to that, the DA leader does not understand how his presence seems to condone the Israeli settlement enterprise. For a party leader who so often relies on the law, it seems odd that he plays loose and fast with international law, particularly given our South African history,” he said.

Maimane’s visit also comes in the wake of Israel’s ambassador Arthur Lenk speaking on a Department of International Relations and Co-operation radio station on Tuesday, promoting Israel. In the podcast, Lenk downplays the atrocities that take place in Palestine, and supports tourism and economic ties with Israel, calling it a haven for startups.

The ANC has condemned the visit, saying it is “not surprised by the DA’s visit to Israel and to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu … it is a pity that the DA is endorsing the Israeli regime instead of condemning its violations of international law.”

“We also warn the DA not to mislead the public by suggesting that our government and our party share the same position as the DA on Palestine. The ANC not only supports a just a fair solution but we also have for for several years attended, actively supported and organised international solidarity campaigns with the people of Palestine. We, unlike the DA call out Israel for its racism against African refugees, we condemn Israel’s Apartheid policies and its violations of international law including building of illegal settlements and the inhumane Gaza siege,” the party said in a statement on Thursday.

UPDATE: The DA has since responded to the criticism that Maimane has received, saying that the trip is to both Israel and Palestinian territories “in order to listen and learn about the conflict first hand and to discuss how South Africa should be playing a more constructive role in bringing the parties together for peace”.

In a statement on Thursday, the party said a meeting with the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, was scheduled, but was cancelled by his office “due to a scheduling conflict”.

The party said it supports a two-state solution.

Reporting by Aaisha Dadi Patel and Shaazia Ebrahim
This story has been updated to reflect the DA’s statement on the subject

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  1. Sisa Ngombane, and the staff of the SA embassy in Tel Aviv would disagree with your contention that SA has no diplomatic ties with Israel. SA has full diplomatic relations with Israel. Until that changes, it is the right of any South African to visit, or not visit as he or she chooses.

  2. Israel is an Apartheid state and the world needs to do more to stop this horrendous treatment of the Palestinian people. There is no excuse for the settlements. None. The ANC should be applauded for it’s stance on this.

    However let’s have some consistency, although from a site like The Daily Vox I doubt it’d happen. If you’re going to attack people for visiting countries for terrible human rights records let’s see…what about people who travel to Saudi Arabia? The country with one of the worst human rights records in the world? (Hello Yemen!) Muslim South Africans will ignore black bodies in our own country and have their hearts bleed for brown bodies on the other side of the world with absolute sympathy, and then happily put their blinkers on to visit Saudi for their 3rd trip to Mecca. Notice how the blinkers suddenly come on when it has to do with YOUR religion.
    “Oppressive government? What oppressive government? Time for Umrah, woo!”

    I you haven’t noticed the bitter irony in God making you visit a hell hole for the holiest pilgrimage in your faith then muse on that for awhile, and furthermore if you can understand why you’ll willingly go to pump money into the overflowing coffers of country that doesn’t even let women drive because Kaaba, you are no different than disgusting Zionists that ignore the rights of Palestinians because “duuuh we’re the Chosen People of God this our land!”

    This sit will never flourish until it’s Islamic bias is removed. Religion has and always will be patriarchal, divisive, and institutionally positioned to cause human rights abuse. Check your religious privilege.

  3. “Mmusi Maimane is currently on a low-key visit to Israel, going against presidential orders discouraging travel to Israel.”

    Is this a joke, or do the writers actually not understand that in a free society, the president doesn’t get to issue “orders” regarding who may travel where?

    Do they also not understand that the way to lend credibility to a stance is not to associate Jacob Zuma to it?

  4. Coming from a website sponsored almost entirely by George Soros!!! So it’s ok to suck on the teet of Zionist billionaires when it suits you? Mmmm. Ok then.


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