Date My Family’s Charismatic Bachelorette Captures Our Hearts

The recent Date My Family episode has set a high bar, following an awesome bachelorette featured, 29-year-old Rey from Johannesburg. Meanwhile the bachelors and their families went as far as saying Ray was not what they had expected. Black Twitter was left in stitches with her bubbly personality and wisdom.

Many viewers have previously expressed disappointment and dissatisfaction over Mzansi Magic’s staged dating show, claiming that it has lost its touch and is no longer entertaining. This was until this Sunday evening’s episode which featured Rey, who turned things around with what most viewers found to be a charismatic character. In the previous shows, most women would ask questions that tweeps consider to be irrelevant for a dating show. Some would go as far as asking what men do for a living and if they have cars.

However, Rey won people’s hearts with the awesome presentation of herself. Most tweeps were impressed with her wise nature and intellectual maturity. Meanwhile some people found this episode to be the most believable and an amazing one, and commended it for being educative on self love and presentation.

Date My family has been popular for its highlights and moments from different episodes and people have shared general jokes around it. But with this recent episode, some people went as far as judging Rey on her body weight and derogatory memes started making rounds on Twitter. This behaviour has been condemned by people who deemed it to be body shaming and distasteful. Rey might have projected her confidence properly on the show but some people still found a way to bash her for her plus-sized body.

Although the bachelors were reluctant at first because they had different expectations of who Rey was, the date at the end of the show was a successful one.

Among people who were amused by the hurtful and distasteful slurs made about Rey’s body were women, but some were quick enough to call it out.

Featured image from Mzansi Magic