Dear black person, white people simply don’t see you


Five years ago I walked out in the middle of my South African political thought tutorial in absolute outrage after the whole class and the white tutor agreed that Cecil John Rhodes was a great leader. I did not understand how a whole class of sober-minded human beings could come to such a conclusion after studying what this man had written things like, “I prefer land to Niggers.” I was especially resentful of the one black male student who did not defend me while white students attacked me.

I have since stopped engaging with white South Africans about anything pertaining to my history, especially when it comes to them taking ownership of the fact that their forefathers were killers and thieves. Genocides like Herero genocide that wiped communities by colonisers are testament to my point above.

One has to look at the present impact of the Land Act of 1913 that forbid and confiscated land from indigenous people in order to prepare them for roles of servitude to white South Africa. The barbaric laws under Apartheid, like the Bantu Education Act, Group Areas Act, and Population Registrations Act are ugly historical events that resulted in decades of oppression of black people.

Besides, I have realised that my decolonisation comes from me taking ownership of my free self and not asking permission or validation from the white community.

If there is anything I can promise you, dear black person, it is that no matter how much you might scream and kick, white people don’t see you. Why don’t white people see you? Because we live in a world where to be black is a negation of what is considered human: whiteness.

We live in a world of white supremacist heterosexist patriarchy operates under capitalism google that term, because it is a thing. And it is powerful. It determines which bodies from which races, gender, sexuality, weight, size and ability get to be defined as human.

White people don’t see you because seeing you means seeing themselves and their illegitimate existence in this country. To recognise you means to recognise that their existence in this country is a direct result of psychological and cultural genocides, looting and the killing of our ancestors.

Every material and immaterial privilege that white South Africa enjoys today has centuries of blood dripping from it, which they cover with denial. To recognise you means that they understand that their very presence in this country is violence to the generations of African people who suffer intergenerational trauma inflicted from colonisation until now.

The racist response from white South Africa is not about the Rhodes Must Fall movement, but a reflection of white supremacy and white denialism. Many white apologists have come forward to “condemn” white racist, patriarchal, paternalistic, unoriginal responses to the Rhodes Must Fall movement. However, those very individuals are the consequence of white supremacy as a global system of arranging power.

White people exercise power over black bodies in this country all the time, and the ANC-led government is the gatekeeper of white supremacy. Frantz Fanon argues that African states needed to decolonise all colonial and oppressive structures inherited from the former colonisers and this included the psychology of the African, as well as the racialised capitalist system.

Steve Biko also predicted a black government that is capitalist will create a small black elite, thereby resulting in the rest of black people living in dire poverty. But during the negotiated settlement, the ANC proceeded to negotiate economic power away from the people while it adopted neo-liberal capitalist policies imposed by the international community. This has led to the consolidation of white economic power (with the exception of the black political elite) and has left the black people of this country destitute, especially the poor, working class, black woman.

Last year we protested against Tim Osrin, a man who defended his right to beat up a black woman who happened to be walking down the street using the justification that he thought she was a prostitute. At the time of these protests, the courts saw at least 10 cases where white males had beaten up, run down with a car or sjamboked a black person. Osrin and others are a reminder that white racist patriarchy exercises power and mitigates violence over black bodies and the ANC does nothing about it.

Locating the legacy of Rhodes, therefore, must happen within the context of contemporary apartheid South Africa and how the ANC fucked black people over when it did not take back Azania and our land. If the ANC had not sold out during the negotiated settlement by excluding other political parties and leaving the economy in the hands of white capitalists, we would never be having this conversation about institutional and structural racism in education, the economy, language hierarchies and the healing of memories. Colonial symbolism like Rhodes would not be traumatising our psyche 21 years after apartheid supposedly fell because all that would have been destroyed in 1994. Democracy remains a farce.

Even now, the ANC leaders are quiet because they know that outside Parliament, Rhodes and Smuts still stand as the reminder that this country is not free. Black people experience structural violence under black leadership for the protection of a rainbow nation lie. And people who express this lie in the form of protest like Andries Tatane and the Marikana miners are killed in cold blood.

The Rhodes Must Fall movement has been gaining strength in other provinces because we, as the young people, are tired of white structural violence and the arrogance of the ANC. This is a cry that young people are hearing all over the country and the lack of transformation in higher education is indicative of how untransformed South Africa remains.

May the Rhodes Must Fall movement grow into a politically unaffiliated, youth revolutionary group that takes down apartheid for real this time. White racism must go, patriarchy must go, heteronormativity must go and Rhodes must fall.

Izwe Lethu!

Wanelisa Xaba is a founding member of South African Young Feminist Activists. She is an imperfect daughter, friend and mother, a postgraduate student at UCT, a poet and an aspiring writer. She lives in a ghetto outside the white colony of Cape Town.


  1. ‘White people don’t see you because seeing you means seeing themselves and their illegitimate existence in this country.’

    What are you suggesting, exactly? Do you wish to see this country emptied of its white population, as our presence here, even in the present day, remains ‘illegitimate’ in your view’?

    Would it console you if we all packed up our lives here, tomorrow, and promptly relocated to Australia?

    Yes, there is still much to be desired about how powers and privileges are distributed in our society, but to name the presence of a certain cultural group of South Africans (who are as much citizens of this country as you are) as ‘illegitimate’ is counterproductive to the debate, and reflects, in itself, a reductionist and denialist view that is spectacularly one-sided.

      • Do you have any idea how fucked this country would be if every white person were to leave?? It wouldn’t last a month.

        • That is not a white persons concern. White people need to leave. If you say Black people will fuck up their land THEN let them fuck up their land. it is our land to fuck up anyway. There is so much concern centered around Black fuckin up their own land, since when do you care. yes, White people don’t want to dwell in their illegitimate presence om this land; but for one reason: they truly don’t have a place to call their own. Europe, Brit don’t want white south africans. Australia does not want them either. It is thus very convenient for the “we are one rainbow nation” nonsense to be sold because their is so much to be invested in land that does not belong to them. LEAVE!!

          • Samantha, your views are very disconcerting. But thank you, you’ve confirmed a great deal of things for me.

          • Wow this I’m black, poor me…. the whites stole my grandmothers virginity shit is so overrated. Wake up and start working for what you want and stop leaching of the white persons success.

      • “But you don’t even belong in Australia too though.Your home is Europe”. I was born here, but if you want to argue it that way then your home is East Africa!

        Short-sighted individuals like Samantha can merely see the present ripe harvest created by the “illegitimate whites” into which she and her fellow “legitimate inhabitants” have undeservedly “arrived”, but fails to see the misery which will ensue should her wish be granted. I would be more than willing to participate in an exchange program in which all the South African whites are shipped back to Europe and an equal quantity of blacks in Europe sent back here.

          • You claim that the white people are racist? Sounds more like to me that you are the racist one shunning a certain colour doesn’t sound racist at all? Pathetic people like you should just die never mind anything else th world will be a better place without the likes of narrow minded people such as yourself

          • You want us to leabe simply because you are jelous of us. Jelous that we work hard. Jelous that we are the best. You want us to leave so you can rape and murder, without consequinces from the law. Typical animal instincts… this is my land, i will kill you long before you think im gonna leave. This land is ours! Name just 1 thing blacks have done for SA other than living off welfare, breeding like rabbits, and being irresponsible. You have everything for free yet you still cant make a good life for yourself. Laziest breed of people in the whole world!!!!!

      • Great idea…..I would vote for ANC or EFF if they would ship whites back to Europe,
        By the way black people also do not belong in the USA, Caribbean or Europe if you want to follow your own ideology they would all have to be repatriated as well
        Maybe that is the reason God made seas to keep races apart

      • well Europe is EVEN better south african cunts are fucked without any foreign direction FACT. they wanted to live in the bush and not be colonised but now they rob for material things instead of being good south africans and living without electricity cars tvs phones etc. like how they initially wanted. fucking cunts need to make up their confused minds about what they want. dumb fucks. want this land but fucking run to have holidays in london and shit. contradicting idiotic people. fucking useless.

  2. Look, i think the issue is summed up here: “The Rhodes Must Fall movement has been gaining strength in other provinces because we, as the young people, are tired of white structural violence and the arrogance of the ANC.”

    So little has changed and the ANC are only interested in milking it now. Aimee, best you get used to this.

  3. What saddens me the most about your article is the bitterness and hatred that seems to eat at your very humanity – sadly you are a product of apartheid. You are in fact everything that the architects of apartheid wanted you to be. They advocated for a divided and hate filled society and that is what they constructed. You perpetuate this thinking- in fact you are a carbon copy of the racist whites you so hate. A lot of black people think that the whites loved Mandela so deeply because you perceive that he was ‘soft’ on the whites after the collapse of Apartheid. I suppose for some whites this is possibly true, however, for most whites he awoke us from our slumber- for so many years we were existing in a deep moral slumber. Some of us didn’t think that Apartheid was right- none of us knew how to deconstruct it. We were taught from a young age that racism was acceptable, that it was allowed- in fact we were taught that blacks were not humans like us. During the holocaust, half the German people were probably blissfully unaware of what was happening to the Jews. The other half didn’t want to know. In the end they all followed ‘her feurer’ like sheep- believing the propaganda thrown at them. When the war ended, the German population awoke to the horror of what they as a people had done. This same dehumanisation that the Germans inflicted upon the Jews has existed in every crime against humanity that ever existed, South Africa is no different. Nelson Mandela to the whites was the anti-thesis of what they were bought up to believe- we whites expected hatred and retribution from this man. In the end he showed us only love, compassion and forgiveness. It took a black man to show us our own humanity. Humanity that we didn’t know existed. In Nelson Mandela’s eyes all South Africans are human- each of us with our own individual strengths and flaws. Because of people like Mandela, global consciousness is shifting away from hate and bigotry. Who knows maybe our great grandchildren will be able to see beyond the colour of our skins to the person beneath it.

    • Mandela did not seek for revenge for what Stephen I’d you were blissfully unaware of the crime that apartheid was…so why did you think Mandela and other blacks were going to revenge?

    • Well now my people are waking up from their Mandela nyaope induced slumber…….and if 1976 is anything to go by, things will change from here on out! ………….I agree Wane, this country needs a politically unaffiliated, youth revolutionary group.

    • I so badly want to believe you and the awakening from your slumber….so badly! So tell me Stephen when did Mandela awaken you from this slumber was this after he was President or during the four years of negotiations before he was elected President? Did you vote for a Black party, like the ANC, PAC or any other or did you vote for the NNP, DP and then DA? Because if you did not then there was no slumber you awoke from, Madiba was only good enough for you when he could ot affect you, when he had moral power not real political power. I truly hope that you did not abstain or voted for the DP or NNP in that first election, because that would mean that you are the actual apartheid product who has not changed, and who tells himself lies of what a good person he is…..

    • Well put. For me it is hard to understand many young black folk. I as a white SA joined the ANC when they had the moral high ground… late 1980’s… and fought against the white racist head on. I love the country I was born in. I have been called a kaf# lover by whites etc. Reading this article makes me think that the writer truely has not suffered and is reaching to be in the spot light.

  4. I think the saddest thing about all the anger and bitterness in your article is that this is exactly what the ANC wants to see. The last thing the ANC needs is transformation and racial reconciliation because their hold on power relies on division. I agree with you that ‘Democracy remains a farce’ – but one of the biggest reasons is that for effective democracy 3 things are needed: (1) universal suffrage; (2) strong institutions; (3) the real possibility that parties (and not just individuals) can be voted out of power. In SA only (1) universal suffrage applies. The current ANC government is doing whatever it can to weaken (2) formerly strong institutions. And (3) the real possibility of voting the ANC out of power at the national level remains a pipe dream while the majority see the only choices as voting ANC or not voting at all. One of the main reasons Gauteng is the best-run ANC province is that the ANC know their majority is vulnerable there.

    Your point about Germany and the Jews is a strong one. But remember that a big part of the reason Hitler was able to whip up such hatred against the Jews was because the Jews were a minority who were seen as the ones with wealth and power in pre-war Germany. In Hitler’s rise to power it was the Nazis who saw themselves as the ‘have nots’ and the Jews were the ‘haves’.

  5. Hey fellow white commentators: put the automatic defence mechanism aside for a moment and try to understand where the “anger and bitterness” comes from. Bleating #notallwhitepeople doesn’t take the debate forward at all. Understanding – that does.

  6. Thanks Wanelisa you are really spot on. I also sat in a lecture at Tuks where Mandela was being blamed by Afrikaner students for being corrupt! The onus is on the corrupted ANC traitors and unreconciled bunch of colonial settler racists in the private sector to heed the rising cry of young black South Africans. Young people are saying to these collaborators – it is stupid to pretend you have defeated apartheid while the colonial-apartheid white minority economic structure, its idols and institutional racism remain intact, and that no amount of social grants, distorted BEE, free houses and so on would ever effect any meaningful change. Indeed the possibility of racialised civil war has never been so glaring than now – Revolution is coming Tomorrow so says the marginalized Youth of these country. Rise Youth Movement Rise

  7. Xaba a beautifully crafted piece, with soul touching sentiment. I agree, the vestiges of colonialism need to be wiped off, even though for now it is just symbolic.
    That said, I have some issues:
    1) when there is rage without a door through which reasonable white people can enter, we can easily turn error into deviance… that is, if we are serious about moving beyond rage to change.
    2) Fanon and Biko were products of their times… and they need to be updated, instead of taken as gospel for prescription (as in diagnosis, I agree nothing has changed much)
    3) Hardly anyone mentions the link between the ANC and Rhodes: Cecil John Rhodes was funded by the Rothschilds. And who does Trevor Manuel go and work for after imposing neoliberalism on the country (every other African country had neoliberalism imposed on them from outside)?
    4) After Derek Keys lifted capital control, the idea of “white capital” is passe. Sure white people by and large form the technocracy that runs the corporates (and is one of the most corrupt in the world according to internal auditors btw), but the money flows North. By conflating the International Finance Capital with White Capital we run the risk of a dangerous oversimplification.
    5) The ANC is problematic, but they are in objective difficulty. If they make a move, they face a capital strike (it ain’t just workers who engage in that), and have to behave. Their real crime, abetted by moralising (as opposed to practical) left, is that they do NOT have a plan to pursue distribution (wages through employment is a good way to go – they closed down all heterodox economics units, and don’t know their arse from their elbows – thank Erwin, Manuel, Alan Hirsch)… even COSATU… I mean really, are toll roads the real priority?
    At least ex-Central Banker and Goldmanite Mboweni is right on the mark saying blacks need their own banks and finance houses… not that this will be taken up, after all, we could have strengthened the SA Post Office Bank… instead our negritude was to beg for and get only 15% of the financial sector (the largest sector in our country)… mampara economics… so where is the left, and why is it so difficult to follow the money.

  8. Woe. ALL white people do not see black people? You mean, every single white at UCT just does not see black people, who make up the largest racial group on campus? The hundreds of white Americans who come each term are just blind to your presence? The hundreds of European visitors to the university who socialize with people of all races? The Afrikaners who have more reason to hate Rhodes that even you, who are happy to see the statue go…they, too, cannot see you? The hundreds of staff members who caught apartheid while you were still a kid, or possibly not even born…they now have rendered black people invisible on campus? And what of the people who identify as coloured? Do they simply not see black people? Asians? Indians? They all just do not see blacks on campus?

    “The Rhodes Must Fall movement has been gaining strength in other provinces because we, as the young people, are tired of white structural violence and the arrogance of the ANC. ” My god, there are so few whites who vote for the ANC it is a joke. You may resent them…and their corruption and elitism and incompetence… but recall that they are spending OUR money and WE DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM…black people did.

  9. So by your logic we must also tear down King Shaka International Airport… I mean his did conquer and genocide thousands of innocents before colonialists ever arrived.

    But you won’t, your eyes are blind with hate for all things white and hate for men. You speak of denial but conveniently avoid the fact that is no “side” to this debate.

    People are people, when uneducated and ignorant they become violent and dangerous, race and gender has little to do with this regardless. Your privilege as a black female does not put you on a moral high-ground to preach racism & hate, it certainly does little to quell the temperament of everyone you insult.

  10. Ya. Not for the first time, and surely not the last, I wear my whiteness with shame. This is shameful. I wish for an empathetic South Africa. I wish that people could hear themselves saying these things. Suggesting we “move on”, or that “this isn’t about race”, or worse: that we need to stop “pulling the race card”. Or being so callous as to make this about the “oppression” of whites? Of course these arguments should elicit rage, or incredulity at the very least. I hang my head.

    Please, keep writing, keep talking. I hope we learn to listen.

    • Best comment, and I hope she sees it. I wear whiteness with shame too. I’m sure there are others.

      Keep writing, this discussion will have to be had.

  11. I have one thing to say. You must fuck off you stupid bitch! All you are doing is fueling fire in this country and creating further racism!!! You say you are educated – you are not. You say black woman have it the hardest, bwahahahahaha, black woman have it the easiest!!! White woman have it the worst!!!! White men and woman who do not have jobs do not get jobs anymore. I was retrenched due to BEE and I cant find a job due to BEE!!! I dont have money!!! I dont own a home!!! I have nothing!!! What I do have is an education which I never got for free like you did but I can assure you my marks were higher than yours, because I worked for them, I studied because I dont get things given to me for free because I am “white”. I am south african. I was born here. My ancestors were born here. They did not partake in apartheid. Not every white person in this country took part in apartheid. You are a fool if you think we did!!! You are a fool to blame white people for evwrything going wrong!!! A complete RACIST fool and its people like you that are making this country what it is today!!!

    • Now you are talking trash. Brag about all your expensive education as much as you want but your expensive education dont change the fact the you are an idiot who been living in her as for far too long and dont see what is going on around you or maybe you in denail like the rest of you are.

      How can black women or should say black people get jobs much easier than whites do when the whites control most economy they been having for generations (at the cost of our blood). Whites still hold the most top positions in this country and many blacks are still walking around with cv’s or standing in the rains to get a job (thanks to your centuries of Apartheid). You dont have a job because you too lazy to wake up and look for one because you want hand outs which you been getting all your life from your parents. Wake the fuck up and look for a job and stop blaming black people, BEE, Afirmative Action and the ANC.

  12. I’m white and I agree with you. I’ve heard this opinion many times and from black friends from school, and frankly if it sorts out the problem then its the solution. Africa is for Africans, and as a white male, I don’t mind going back to Europe or the Americas if it helps the ~1 billion Africans here.

    I sincerely wish the best for Africa, because it is a fantastic continent. I will always come back to visit as a tourist. Screw the forefathers. Africa is yours.

  13. The problem with Ms. Xaba’s article is that it does nothing to move the debate forward. It entrenches racial stereotypes, promotes distrust and ensures the continuity of racial prejudice. There is no sane solution to her line of argument – taken to its logical conclusion it would mean that all races would have to return to their lands of origin which, if you believe them, scientists hold that we all originated in Africa anyway. In the alternative we would see our country disappear into the abyss. Let’s rather vigorously debate how we can improve our country all the while, celebrating our differences and embracing each others’ humanity.

    • Finally someone that are sensible and knows where all of humanity started! And another fact all humans share a common gene, so color really doesn’t matter because generally speaking we are all brothers and sisters that is if you BELIEVE in GOD. Jesus said in the New Testament “I Give Unto You a New Commandment, Love Thy Neighbor ”if all of us strive to do just that we will be in a better world. None of us alive today suffered under any of these colonialist! I look at all those statues and it tells me not to allow History to repeat itself but self absorbed wet behind the ears idiots comes along and jump onto a bandwagon that you don’t really know where and how it came to a roll! If you want to speak about suffering ask a child that was born out of a union between a mix couple during the 60s,70s!Their parents weren’t allowed to live together and worse still society rejected you because you weren’t black enough or white enough! So shut the hell up and don’t speak about things that you didn’t experience or lived through! MXXXXXXXXXXM

  14. Melodramatic. Generally I don’t buy this poet suffering sh%t. We as South Africans need to unite. Powerful United Focus on Poverty!

  15. Wanelisa,

    You really write very well, and you have potential to touch many hearts with your work. I would dearly love to see you write for reconciliation and help The Beloved Country move forward. Every South African is involved in this bitter conflict of unresolved hatred and by virtue of this fact we all have a right to be here. Ubuntu ngumt abantu – where does it begin and end? Or have you forgotten than man, woman and child regardless of race depend on each other, families depend on each other, and by extension to live we all depend on each other.

    Your reasoning is sound if history was as clear -cut as you put it forward to be. Yet you have forgotten to mourn the genocide and destruction entire races under the order of Nguni chiefs. Where are the Khoi? Where are the San? You wear the mantle of African colonialism and ought (according to your high standards) to feel the same measure of shame that you are dishing out.

    If you want white people to go back to Europe fine. But what about me? In my case 1/4 of me should go to Germany, a 1/2 of me should go to Holland and another 1/4 of me should go to China. How would I do it?

    By extension – You who claim South Africa for yourself would have to go back to Central Africa so that the true indigenous peoples, the Khoi and the San, could have their land back. Who are the thieves? Neither Black nor White.

    The infrastructure we currently enjoy was designed and put in place by the English and the Afrikaans. Our technology hails from China and much popular culture from America and China. Are you willing to go all the way? Leave the trappings of Europe and the East and return to how things were before? I think not.

    You are fair and honest when it suits you, but when it comes down to it this thin veneer of purported goodness and stand for equality will not stand up to the pressure of further scrutiny.

    We are a global community now and there is no room for racism and hatred. You are free to stay where you are or you can join those who put the love of our Mother country and our people first. Its your call – Nkos’ sikelel’Afrika!

    Get real and be honest. If this country is to become the land of hope we can no longer continue in this way. The blame game has gone on long enough. It is up to this new generation to fight for truth and for freedom.

    I am a South African and no person, no wave philosophy or fuzzy logic, not even death can take that from me. You are truly a South African and I accept you as such. I do however invite everyone who is tired of this hatred to open their hearts and minds to a new South Africa where people actually care about each other, find the grace to forgive past offences and hold those responsible for our current dilemma accountable.

    For those who want to make a difference email me at

  16. All white people are evil and should leave africa….for generations this race has abused Africans lying and enslaving it’s people bringing them to America where they suffer on a daily basis due to white supremacy. We built America only to still be a foot stool to the white man. We should own America and africa, the white man should confess his evil he has committed over hundreds of years and go back to the caves like the animals they are. There is nothing a white should say about any black person because it’s evident that you still believe in your white privilege and very biased system. All white people have done through out history is steal kill and destroy plus use people to there own benefit because they are the weaker link of humanity and they know that. They hate that rightfully we are the true kings and queens.

  17. everone is stupid..whites and blacks……for fucksakes ..instead of everyone fighting and arguing lets make a change,,,,get rid of oil people …..lets heal our home((earth))…..we only have one planet,,stop making children our human population must not increase it must decrease its a must if we are to survive in the future…get rid of the money system if everyone contributed there would be abundance for all…clearly everyone is self centered and greedy for what..stop listening to your parents..stop listening to your grand parents…stop listening to the government…or else we humans are doomed…i dont give a flying fuck for anyone of you ..but take my warning we are a virus on a living organism the earth and the earth will get rid of us…we must make clean energy..instead of spending billions a year on military lets rather spend that on space travel… body is a monkey …monkeys are monkeys…white ppl you say ur educated then prove it ….black ppl stop tryna take shit and make issues …animals are becoming extinct..water is becoming scares..fertille land is turning into is heating up we are still coming out of the ice age fossile feuls is speeding things up….one day we will wake up and realise its to late…..god aint guna save us coz we are destroying one of his greatest creations the earth…and trust me earth is a bitch when you fuck with her ask every other civilazion in the past…oh snap you cant coz they gone….if we put our differences aside and work together we can live in abuntu ..harmony grace explore space the last frontier,,,,but nooo you guys are dumb as fuck only worried about skin colour…everyone grow up plz dont do it for me do it for your kids and animals…and mostly do it for earth

  18. the great flood was earths way of getting rid of disease …yes we are at the moment a disease…..we are a organism living on a host ..we are not at the moment a benefit to the host…if you have lice you get rid of it why coz lice sucks your blood and makes you ich….think people we are lice ,,one day the earth will scratch us into extinction ….and if you reply negetively to me it just proves me that the intelligence of the human race is less then a monkey….we all know who we should be angry with its ourselves yes including me…but everyone including me is just to scared…i cant fight alone but as a nation we sure as hell have a fighting chance

  19. Let’s face it: The planet is heating up, Earth’s population is expanding at an exponential rate, and the the natural resources vital to our survival are running out faster than we can replace them with sustainable alternatives. Even if the human race manages not to push itself to the brink of nuclear extinction, it is still a foregone conclusion that our aging sun will expand and swallow the Earth in roughly 7.6 billion years.

    So, according to famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, it’s time to free ourselves from Mother Earth. “I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be in space,” Hawking tells Big Think. “It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand, or million. The human race shouldn’t have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet. Let’s hope we can avoid dropping the basket until we have spread the load.”

  20. Whites will leave africa when exploration of the Solar System becomes feasible for them to leave Earth. After all, this is a race of explorers. They have explored this planets’ land, the sea, now it is time to explore the heavens. Of course, all advanced technology and means of feeding the earth will go with them.

  21. You are deeply deluded if you think you are busy with decolonisation of your mind, a lot of what you said/want is in fact core principles of apartheid itself.

    Not to mention the very clothes you wear..

    • And that’s the typical white man’s response too. Try and say anything to derail the inevitable: soon, you’ll be extinct on this continent. Look across the border. There was a time when white zimbos thought exactly like white people in sa. Look what happened to them. Humbled to the core. Absolutely petrified of black people. Their numbers are sooo low they basically extinct in that country. Same thing is gonna happen to you. This is Africa. Watch this space

  22. Indians must not think we are not watching them.However, the albinos must leave first because we can no longer pretend to like these things who think they are superior to us.If you talk the ”I was born here” nonsense, I dont give a fuck, your forefathers did injustice to Africans and your time to leave is NOW.On your way out do not bang the door.Tired of you ALL

  23. I think the black youth have a skewed perception of how entrenched “colonialism” is in SA. Most of these people have flocked to city centers and educational institutions created by and for white South Africans, putting them in a world that feels foreign to them. Not to mention that almost everything around them is a product of white people’s progress, from the PC/cellphone/tablet they’re using to comment here, to the clothes they wear and cars they aspire to drive etc. The feeling of alienation from everything obviously gets to some. If in some way they had reputable institutions of their own and monuments to their own progress, in areas always held by any of the black tribes in SA, they wouldn’t be this upset.

    One need only travel to SADC countries free from proper colonialism, which have been under black rule ever since independence many years ago to see that poverty is the norm for black Africans. So poverty in SA compared to whites should be expected, in fact I would say whites did a very good job of not changing black peoples living standards in any way.

    I believe the parts of SA that belonged to blacks (especially the khoi-san) should be returned to them and a fair point in history decided on, as migration patterns are ever changing. This will require actual evidence and not conjecture, the remaining land that blacks and khoi can be shown not to have lived in/on should be given to the whites as they would then have clearly discovered these lands. SA doesn’t seem to be working so lets define fair borders and forget this unfair unrealistic nation imposed on us by British imperialist policy. That would be true emancipation from our historical issues.

  24. Civilizations That Are Imperiled Through Contact With Colored Races: South Africa
    [AUTHOR’S NOTE: January, 1937. I do not believe that the South African, or any other white colonial venture in Negro Africa, will be permanent. The portions of the white race which are in Negro Africa eventually will be amalgamated with the Negro. I believe that the white man should gradually withdraw and leave Negro Africa to its own people.]
    Forty-six years after the English had settled at Jamestown (1607), Hollanders founded a colony at Cape Town at the southern point of Africa. The African colony was a half-way station on the sea route from Europe to India and was generally used for this purpose until the opening of the Suez canal. Settled by Hollanders, the colony was later strengthened by the arrival of Germans and by French Huguenots (Protestants who were compelled to flee from France). French Huguenots were mainly of Teutonic extraction, and the South African is, or was, purely Teutonic in blood as were the American colonists from Holland and England. The settlers were a people like unto ourselves, and it should be borne in mind that in this chapter we are not dealing with an alien race. Differences between the evolution of South Africa and that of the United States will have been determined by isolation of the former or by local environment, not by race. South Africa did not receive a bountiful supply of European immigration, was deprived of a close cultural contact with Europe, and was given the task under these limitations of perpetuating a civilization which was to be in daily contact with the African Negro.

    When the Dutch settled at the Cape, the southern extremity of the continent was occupied by Hottentots and Bushmen. (These divisions of the Negro family are represented in South Africa — the dwarfish and brutish Bushmen; the Hottentot, taller and lighter skinned than the Bushmen; and the Bantu, or large blacks governed by a distinctly lighter colored aristocracy. Of the Bantu, the Zulu and Kosa are best known to Europeans living apart from Africa. The Bantu (Kaffirs) were not farther south than Natal, but were then, as they had been for centuries, slowly pressing before them or exterminating the inhabitants of that territory since known as Cape Colony. The white man, invading the Hottentot lands from the south, eventually met the black man invading the Hottentot lands from the north. The first armed contest between black and white for possession of Hottentot territory did not occur until 1779, three years after the war for American independence had begun. From this time, the country was in constant disturbance, war following war for three quarters of a century. England and Holland fought for sea supremacy, and England won. English forces occupied Cape Town in 1795 and remained until 1803. They came again in 1806 and remained as conquerors until 1814, in which year the colony was ceded to Great Britain.

    South Africans, for more than a century, have been in contact with the most capable elements of the Negro race. The Negroes does not, as the Indian, resist and perish; he submits and survives. The Indian has vanished before the Saxon in North America; in South Africa there are one and one-half million whites and six million blacks.

    The Caucasian imparts his culture to colored races with whom he comes in contact, and, by bridging the cultural chasm between the races, reduces the visible evidence of his superiority. The artificial cultural elevation of the colored races produces complicated political and social problems which tend to amalgamate the races. Neither the colored beneficiaries of Caucasian culture, the whites newly arrived in the colonies, nor the great reservoir of whites in the homeland are able fully to appreciate that the culture of the colored is borrowed or imposed. This lack of understanding will be seen to have worked untold injury to South African civilization.

    The Hollanders mixed somewhat with the Hottentot, but by the time of their contact with the Kaffir they had declared miscegenation illegal. Such laws, however, later became inoperative in some places, and, at a still later date, have become imperfectly applied in all places, partly by reason of British influence. The Dutch owned slaves at the time the colony was ceded to Great Britain, and the British officials at first encouraged and profited by traffic in slaves, but by 1830, the great British emancipation program was absorbing the attention of that nation and dominating its colonial policy.

    After encouraging traffic in slaves for more than two hundred years (1562-1807) and accumulating much wealth by such traffic, the British, finding the greatest slave market closed against them, (The United States as a legal slave market ceased to exist in 1808. The constitutional provision setting this date was enacted in 1787. Every effort in the British Parliament to abolish the slave traffic failed until 1807 — one year before the largest market was closed against the slaver.) abolished the traffic, and, within a short while, were clamoring for the freeing of the slaves, many of whom they had recently sold to the colonials. This new move on the part of Britain led to great indignation in the British colonies in Africa dn the West Indies, for the doctrine of equality accompanied the doctrine of freedom. Freeing the slaves would bankrupt the planters; equalization that equalization of the races would destroy the supremacy of the whites upon whom the civilization depended (the whites in all the colonies were greatly outnumbered by the colored) did not appeal to the British at home, who, by this time, had worked themselves into a frenzy in behalf of the Negro, whom they had sold to the colonies at great profit. Btu the economic argument did influence Europe, for the various nations there looked upon the colonies as territories to exploit and hesitated to lower their productivity. The British government, impelled to immediate action by the frenzied partisans for the Negro, appropriated a sum for partial payment to the despoiled colonists. The amount set aside for South Africa was so small and had to come by such devious methods, through the hands of British officials who had lately taken over the colony, that some of the slave owners did not apply for their share.

    The South African felt keenly the loss occasioned by this semi-confiscation of his property, but neither in South Africa nor in the West Indies did the colonials offer effective resistance. They were angered, but not incited to revolt. However, there was a program in preparation in white England, which was soon to be enforced in her colonies, and which aroused the colonials to the highest pitch of desperation.

    The colonies had no sooner acquiesced in the abolition of slavery at their cost than they were confronted by the policy of compulsory equalization of blacks and whites. The abolition doctrine of freeing the slaves at the slave owners’ cost had angered the colonials; the negrophisist doctrine of compulsory equalization of whites with blacks drove the colonials to despair. The West Indies threatened revolt, but the blacks were innumerable and the mighty British nation was back of them. Some whites migrated from the West Indies, but this by no means deterred the British government.

    In South Africa, however, there was possibility of escape. Beyond the coast lay the interior to which British authority did not extend. This land was possessed by hostile savages and was cut off from communication with civilization. But the Saxon has never submitted willingly to equalization with the Negro; and as the settled lands near the coast were being overrun with British religious fanatics who had been caught up into the seventh heaven of mad negrophilism, there remained but one alternative; to submit to the powerful British government or seek freedom and race purity in the savage interior. Like the slave-owning South in the United States, only a small portion of the whites in South Africa owned slaves. (In 1860, less than one-fifth of the Southerners were slave owners).

    The owners of ninety-eight per cent of the slaves remained in Cape Colony. Slave owners represented the wealth of a colony. Equalizing the whites with the blacks affected the poorer whites to a greater degree than the wealthier. It is the former who come into competition with the blacks.

    The voortrekkers, then, were non-slave-owning whites fleeing from British negrophilism which threatened their race and culture. They were an austere, hard praying, hard fighting, type of Saxon who had acquiesced in the British occupation of the colony and in the British emancipation of their slaves, but were fleeing before the British policy of reducing them to the status of the Negro. With rifle and ax, herds and wagons, colonists descended from Hollanders, Huguenots, Germans, English, Scotch and Irish wound their way slowly, first, north by est, going into Natal. The emigrants had no more than settled down when they were again confronted by the British who, coming by sea, dispossessed them. From Natal the hunted emigrants turned northward and, by agreement with the Negroes of the present territories of the Transvaal and Orange Free State, occupied these lands. The Zulus, now at the height of their power, sought to dispossess the white man and destroy him as they had the Hottenton, Bushmen, and the Bantu tribes which had resisted their onset.

    The white colonists promised protection to the tribes into whose country they had come; promised to protect them from the terrible Zulu warriors, who knew neither pity nor remorse. Southward were their former homes, and inducements were given the voortrekkers to return, for their leaving was a financial loss to the British. Famine and pestilence depleted their numerical strength. Beyond them were the innumerable hosts of the triumphant and all-powerful Zulus, the best physique and the most terrible warriors that the Negro race has produced. Would they return and submit to their race and institutions being submerged by the madness of Britain, or would they contest for the privilege of remaining white and worshiping God according to their own consciences? On the coast, British missionaries, believing themselves to be the sole custodians of the Gospel, had arrived and begun to marry Negroes. The missionaries were founding co-racial schools and forbidding the word “color” to be used in these schools. Missionaries were parading white and black children upon the streets, causing them to carry banners with the inscription “ex uno sanguine” (of one blood). The colony itself fell under the influence of the missionaries. These strange custodians of the Gospel caused to be recalled colonial governors who would not accede to their program of equalizing the Caucasian with the Negro. England was seething with “philanthropy,” a philanthropy which was concerned almost wholly with the blacks, not the whites. In vain did the colonists still residing in Cape Colony call upon the mother country for redress. In vain did English settlers at Grahamstown, newly arrived from England, attempt to explain to the English at home that civilization itself was imperiled.

    The British government had forbidden retaliation upon the Negro tribes who, now finding no effective resistance, were overrunning the borders, murdering the whites and looting the plantations. When the whites pleaded with the mother country for the privilege of avenging murders and depredations committed by the powerful and ever predacious Zulu-Kosa clans, the suffering and imperiled colonial whites were denied protection and forbidden to take measures to protect themselves. A colonial secretary (Lord Glenelg) impatiently replied that the Kaffirs were innocent and unoffending creatures and if they were treated properly by the whites, they would cease their invasions. But these merciless warriors had already destroyed a million people of their own race.

    England was mad, drunk with the cocksureness that she alone was custodian of the Christian religion and that the Christian religion taught equality of races. English missionaries informed the English at home that the whites were fleeing from the coast because of their desire to preserve the institution of slavery in the interior, that it was the disgruntled ex-slave-owner fleeing from the righteousness of British Christianity. This was false. We have seen that the owners of ninety-eight per cent of the slaves did not leave Cape Colony. The English settlers at Grahamstown knew this; and as the emigrant farmers passed on their way to the north, the English settlers presented the Boer leader with a Bible. On receipt of this gift, the emigrants prayed, as was their wont, and continued their journey into the interior. (The situation in South Africa was much like that in the United States during the Reconstruction. The Southerners, liek their kindred in South Africa, submitted, in good faith, to emancipation of their slaves, but opposed the enforced equalization of the races.

    The soldiers of Cromwell and the Puritans of New England were not made of sterner fiber than the voortrekkers (first emigrants) of South Africa. The first could not have prayed more; they did not dare as much. The voortrekkers foresaw that Cape Colony was to become mongrelized. They foresaw that the whites there were to sink ever lower into the Hottentot-Kaffir bog. They visualized the future and determined to perpetuate their race in a land where they could survive as a white people. With racial corruption behind them and the dreaded Zulu before them, thy opposed the Zulu. Their leaders were deceived by Zulu treachery and slain. Battle followed battle. Camps composed of women and children were surprised by savages professing friendship, and Saxon women fought Zulu warriors as their distant mothers had fought the cohorts of Rome.

    Other emigrants came to the rescue, and upon the ground where their leaders had been slain and where their women had died, the remnants of the first migration, and those who had come to their assistance, swore to avenge the fate of their fallen comrades. Professing desire to sell land to the whites, the Zulus had murdered those whom they had persuaded to come to their kraals to effect the purchase; then the black warriors had hurried to the unsuspecting camps of the women and children, murdering them. This perfidy on the part of the blacks aroused the berserker in the whites. The black warriors knew no mercy, they should receive none. They outnumbered the emigrants one hundred to one, but the whites were mounted and possessed firearms.

    The Zulus, armed with assagai and shield, true to their war-like tradition, would attempt encircling movements, their line perfectly drilled in close formation. (The Zulu drill was an adaptation from that of the English army. An exiled Zulu prince while in Cape Town observed the English maneuvers. He secured a horse (they were unknown in Zululand) and retunred to his country, The horse proved such a curiosity that its owner was restored to favor. With the hiss of the snake from the throats of thousands of warriors, the blacks charged the whites time and again. The voortrekkers, riding out of range of the arrows, fired and reloaded and again fired with that true aim which the American colonial knew and which made the killing of an antelope at six hundred years an unmentioned feat by the early settlers of South Africa.

    It was the culture of the white man in the possession of a few whites that rendered them triumphant over innumerable opponents of a colored race. The Zulu died, but he did not kill, his courage fled and his power and influence waned. Victory was gained and peace secured by a handful of whites in armed contest with the most formidable armies the Negro race has ever organized. Peace was secured, not alone for the whites but for the vastly more numerous Negro peoples whom the Zulus were exterminating, and these oppressed Negroes rejoiced in the coming of the Caucasians.

    The British Colonial Office never forgave the colonists who fled to escape the British Negro policy. Now followed three quarters of a century of relentless persecution of these emigrants. Through missionary influence, treaties whereby the emigrants were privileged to receive arms and ammunition from the coast were disregarded by the British authorities, and the colonists were left to the mercy of the Zulu. Already the British government had headed off the emigrants when they had settled in Natal. Now that they were settled in the Transvaal and the Free State, they had scarcely made themselves secure when upon them again came the mighty empire. An empire which at this period had a greater regard for the welfare of the black than for the welfare of the white. Gladstone spoke with shame of the world’s greatest empire persecuting the world’s weakest republics and promised redress, but when his party came to power it was not expedient to carry out his pre-election promise.

    Three times the armies of the empire invaded the territories of the small republics. The republics, driven to desperation, resisted the tyranny of the whites with the same energy they had shown in their contest with the Blacks. British policy was ever vacillating. Having occupied the Free State and the inhabitants there having accepted the rule which it was impossible for fifteen thousand farmers to resist, the British, after suffering reverses at the hands of the now powerful Basuto nation, which, through missionary influence, had been established to cut off the emigrants from civilization, suddenly abandoned the farmers to the tender care of the triumphant Mosesh (the founder of the Basuto nation). After repulsing the British and concluding a satisfactory peace with them, Mosesh turned in terrible wrath upon the white farmers whom Britain had subdued and then abandoned.

    Now follows a great glory and then a great humiliation which every Saxon must feel when contemplating the events. The farmers defeated the Basuto. In a two years’ war they struggled alone with this nation, which was now armed with the white man’s buns. Dutch cavalry rode with resistless energy through the Basuto country destroying inhabitants and food supplies. Black warriors who had recently held their own with British forces were driven to their mountain recesses; and cowering in pass and peak that had never known a white invader, the Basuto chief who had essayed to destroy the white settlements recognized defeat. The Dutch prepared to storm Thaba Bosigo (an almost inaccessible hill; the Basuto citadel) and destroy the savage danger which British negrophilism had established and which to this day is the most serious menace to South African civilization. The defeated and trembling Negro power, in extremity, appealed to the British, their late foes, for aid against the farmers whom they had attempted to destroy; appealed to white Britain for aid against the white republic and received the aid. At the request of the Negroes, Great Britain took them “under the broad folds of the British flag” and warned the Boers to desist, for the Basuto were not British subjects. This ended the war and preserved the Basuto for a menace to the white occupation of South Africa.

    The empire’s tyranny over the small republics was justified in its every step by an appeal to negrophilism. The British posed before the world as protectors of the natives. Heartless cruelty to the whites was explained as justifiable in that it promoted the welfare of the blacks. The voortrekkers were not slave owners on the coast and had made a solemn engagement not to establish slavery in the interior. Yet Britain pursued these settlers, bullied them into submission, abandoned them to innumerable blacks, came again and deprived them of their liberty, and again abandoned them. The world was insane with negrophilism, and any tyranny over these small republics was justified by an assertion of interest of the Negroes. This subterfuge was maintained even to the days of Rhodes, when the British, in accord with Rhodes’ ideal of painting as much of the map of Africa “British red” as possible and keeping a trade route open to the interior, dispossessed the Transvaal Boers of Stellaland and Goshen and the Free State Boers of the diamond fields.

    The discovery of diamonds in the Free State and gold in the Transvaal led to political complications which resulted in the Boer War (1898-1902), in which the Boers, after a heroic struggle, were compelled to submit to British numbers.

    How much the British missionary and Colonial Office have changed since the days of negrophilism! South African civilization lives in a new world of thought and hope. Missionaries have ceased teaching equality of races and have turned their efforts toward bettering the natives’ morals and developing them as agriculturists and artisans. But what could be more ironical than the practical results of the teaching of the South African missionaries? The missionary undoubtedly intended to prove himself a benefit to the colony. He did not understand a race question; that it could not be settled as long as the races dwelt together.

    Having seen the fallacy of teaching the Negro that he was the equal of the Caucasian, the missionary turned to what he believed to be the real solution of the race problem; he expended his energies in teaching the mixbreed and the Negro to become efficient agriculturists and skilled artisans, with the result that the native, with his low standard of living, is able to compete successfully with the white farmer and skilled laborer and drive these latter lower and lower int he economic scale. Yet it is upon the whites that civilization depends. Missionary teaching will make the native more capable of competing with the whites and forcing these form the country, but it will not and cannot make the Negro less or more than he is racially.

    The British Parliament after due deliberation, passed the Act of Union, which constitutes the Union of South Africa a self-governing colony on a par with Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Act of Union is far removed in spirit from the negrophilism that brought turmoil and disaster in its wake. The new constitution settles the question as to which race is to rule South Africa; it limits seats in the national Parliament to “British subjects of European descent.” The only division of South Africa was on the matter of denying the Negro the privilege of becoming senators for the Cape and Natal provinces. Mr. Barnes, a Labor member of the House of Commons, offered an amendment which would have destroyed the color line in politics. The amendment was defeated by 155 votes to 55. (Read the chapter “Union Accomplished” in T.R. Cana’s South Africa from the Great Trek to the Union.)

    With he exception of the mongrel province of the Cape of Good Hope (the province belies its name), the government is in the hands of the Caucasian. Here negropolisim had done its work; the future is dark. Cape Colony, the land of the “tar brush;” Cape Town the “coffee-colored capital,” is to be considered in separate class from Natal, the Free State, and the Transvaal. The missionary taught the races that they were of one blood. In cape Colony it cannot be claimed that the teaching of the missionary has been without practical result. “The Gospel according to Exeter Hall” has had its perfect work in and about Cape Town. Surely the mixbreeds of the province of the Cape of Good Hope are ample testimony to the influence of the ignorant, Negro-loving British missionary, whose chief effect upon the colony was to bring it to irretrievable disaster. When we behold the results from miscegenation in Latin America and South Africa, what white American is disturbed by the impotent rantings of a neurotic negrophilist who condemns the American whites for holding aloof from the American Negro? See The Negro in the New World, by Sir Harry Johnston.) Also, H.G. Wells finds fault with the white Americans for their social exclusion of the American mixbreeds, “who are of their own blood.” That such a writer as Wells should at this late date be an apostle of miscegenation is evidence that the Negro problem has ramifications beyond the Negro race.

    The Britain that persecuted the emigrant farmers startled the political world with its leniency to them when they finally recognized British authority. Within a short while they were constituted with full citizenship in a government in which their numbers gave to them the possibility of control of the Union. English and Boer will coalesce, and form this standpoint there is every hope for the future. But the Negro problem hangs low over the struggling civilization, and the forces that exist and that are to be intensified, if unchecked, will “Egyptianize” the south of the continent as similar influences in past ages eliminated the cultural factor in the north of the continent.

    The whites in South Africa are to all effects an aristocracy. There the economic system has unavoidably allotted to the black and to the white particular and well defined activities. There are more white men that “white men’s jobs,” and the overflow of the white laboring class is leaving the Union if it has means so to do. Skilled labor, the erstwhile province of the white laboring class, is rapidly being appropriated by the ever increasing mixbreed elements. Negrophilism prevented laws against whites marrying blacks in those portions long under British control, and through British influence, seriously interfered with the effective operation of such laws in the Transvaal and Free State. Cape Colony has more than half a million of these mixbreeds, and there is no “color line” in this, the home and the result of triumphant negrophilism.

    The political parties, seeking party control of the Union government, are in eager scramble to secure the seats in Parliament dominated by the “Cape” half-castes. Even the Labor Party, with its vaunted Caucasianism, has yielded to the necessities of practical politics, deserted its Caucasian colors, and seeks the mixbreed vote. At Germiston, in the Transvaal, the writer asked a Labor orator what policy his party proposed with regard tot he color problem. Opportunity for questioning had been offered, and the query was proper for the occasion. The Labor orator replied that, in the opinion of the native, the writer was a colored man. The orator was then asked for his opinion as a leader of a party which sought to control the European civilization in South Africa, “who is a colored man; the Caucasian, or the mixbreeds of Cape Colony, who are partly Negro?” The query disturbed him greatly; he refused to give his opinion or to further discuss the matter. The Labor Party wants the colored vote of Cape Colony, the Unionists want the colored vote, the Nationalists were profiting by the colored vote and purposed to keep it. The seats in the Union Parliament dominated by the mixbreeds of the south are sufficient, by their influence alone, to nullify the constitutional ideal which is expressed in the constitutional reservation of parliamentary seats to “British subjects of European descent.”

    Now that the government is in the keeping of the local whites, we may expect to see decisive efforts to preserve the Caucasian and his institutions. Already the new government has enacted a radial measure to see prevent the native from spreading to those districts where there is hope of implanting a population wholly white. Areas of land have been set aside by Parliament to which the native may not go; other areas have been delimited to which the white may not move. This colossal scheme of segregation is not surpassed in extent or intent by any effort on the part of the white man to keep the white race white, save in Australia, where the immigration laws forbid that any colored individual shall come as a settler. Australia has dedicated an entire continent to the white race and its institutions forever.

    The British Empire, which led the Saxon world in promulgating the theory of equality of races, is now leading the entire world in giving effective sanction to the theory of inequality of races. This, of course, applies to the white British. The British self-governing colonies are making herculean efforts to remedy the disastrous policies of the so-called “philanthropists” of the past century. The British Government, notwithstanding the overwhelming colored population of the British Empire, has sanctioned every effort on the part of the self-governing units of the empire to preserve the territory of these units for the white man and his posterity. Historians of the future will recognize the segregation of races within the British Empire to have been the chief factor in perpetuating British civilization in many parts of the world.

    Disastrous competition with colored labor leads some South African whites to forsake their native land and seek those countries where the remuneration paid for labor is based upon Caucasian standards of living. The greater number, however, cannot leave, and these are sinking to the Negro level. Government is striving vainly to stay the economic pressure of the black, which is degrading the white. But it is through amalgamation of the white and colored races of South Africa that the civilization is to pass into its decline. We living in America do not realize the terrible inroads that miscegenation is making in other countries. America has had its negrophilism, but it was mild in comparison with that of South Africa. America has had the lust of the sub-normal white to contend with, but this has never been as unbridled or as universal as in other portions of the world where the white race is in contact with the colored. America has been protected by laws against miscegenation and by a fortunate Federal Constitution, which rendered impossible the nullifying of these laws by Congress save through constitutional amendment, which could not have been secured even at the period when the nations gave political equalization to the Negro.

    Then let us not too readily point the finger of contempt at mulatto Cape Colony (Provice of Cape of Good Hope.) and cry “unclean.” The white race there has not willingly suffered its impurity. Hybridization is the legitimate heir of negrophilism, and equalization of races was imposed upon Cape Colony by the mother country. There are many whites in the south of Africa who are descended from the white colonials. This Caucasian strain has remained white for three centuries, but the future is before them. Can they avoid the ever extending miscegenation whcih encircles them? Without the institution of a rigid color line and its rigid, if need be, its cruel, enforcement. South Africa is doomed. The color line and a bountiful European immigration will preserve the civilization. Immigration without the color line will lengthen Caucasian supremacy, but will not perpetuate the civilization.

    (Read The History of South Africa, by George M. Theal (4 volumes); British Across the Seas, by Sir H.H. Johnston; South Africa from the Great Trek to the Union, by T. R. Cana; Impressions of South Africa, by James Bruyce; The Settlement After the War, by M.J. Farrelly; Matabeleland, by Capt Charles L. Norris Newman; What I Think of South Africa, by Stewart Chamberlain. The historical incidents referred to in this volume may be verified by reference to these writers. British writers themselves are foremost in showing British mistakes in dealing with colored races, and it has seemed preferable to utilize their criticisms rather than rely wholly upon the author’s impressions during a prolonged local study of various British colonies.)

  25. When Oh When will the BEE privileged become educated enough to get the basic facts of our history and economics right? 22 years on and they still think that they are native to SA. Really!!!
    Black South Africans are IMMIGRANTS (‘homeland’ is West Africa – today’s Congo) just as White South Africans are (‘homeland’ Europe).

  26. Nobody needs to go anywhere but the colonial imbalances need to be addressed asap,otherwise black people will always serve white people,distribute the wealth,let there be whites in locations as well,thats all we ask “correct the imbalances that were created by colonialism”,if u wanna stay after that you are free to stay and if you wanna leave you are free to leave as well,Thts what exactly Zimbabwe tried to do and they were slapped with economic sanctions.
    Play the racial card as much as you want but until this is resolved it will always be an issue that will divide us.
    I dont hate white people but i hate the imbalances created by colonialism and that they ignore the fact that their lavish lives and our poor miserable lives are a result of a system that was forced upon us and still exists and most of them are happy to see that system continue and us working for them.
    Sorry to say this but there is no ubuntu or rainbow nation until we correct this

  27. The author is conflating good leadership with good moral values. Rhodes, Hitler and Shaka were all excellent leaders. They were all genocidal maniacs, but good leaders nevertheless. Moral values and good leadership are not the same thing. They can coincide, but they don’t have to. Admitting that someone is a good leader, doesn’t mean you have to approve of their ethics.

    Also, she seems to generalise a bit. Indeed, racism is alive and well amoung the white community, but there are those of us who recognise the ill-gotten gains we were born into, and we are trying to do what we can to redress the situation.

  28. I dnt hate whites but I dnt like what they did o doing to us as blacks. N these white people they dnt like us at all but just using us as tools. We using these fucking cell phones but we r not allowed to make them, we driving these cars but they r from another countries. We thousands mins here but we dnt own them but these mines are here in our land

  29. They started to introduce money to us while they know that we wont survive. Our parents were fine without them, they came n totter them without any reason, can u allow a stranger to come to your home n do what ever they want, hell no. Even now we busy using their languages than ours, Afrikaanas they are using their languages n they expect us to do so

  30. Shame on us blacks, look at varsities all white people they do Maths, life science n Physics with their own languages, what about us blacks. Do u know how hard to learn someone’s language before u understand the content of the subject?

  31. You guys should do that, the nationalists in Europe have been waiting for so long to throw out every black and brown person out of our continent, just give them the excuse….

  32. Stop twisting our history nobody takes that shit sereous anymore there were no boders in africa before the devil came don’t tell us who was where africans know their own history thank you

  33. great issues altogether, you simply won a new reader. What would you recommend in regards to your publish that you just made a few days in the past? Any certain?|

  34. Black Insecurity, you are the most pathetic race on the planet. No wonder other races feel superior, but cry some more, it will do your cause much favors.


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