Onwards to Decolonising the Book!


This year’s Time of the Writer Festival promises to be 🔥🔥🔥.

First up, the festival runs from Monday 14 March – Saturday 19 March at various venues across Durban, in Clermont, Cato Manor, Umlazi, Inanda and KwaMashu..

“We are very excited about the plans for this year’s festival, which came about as a result of a growing call from within the literary world and South Africa as whole for increased diversity, access and inclusiveness. The Centre for Creative Arts would like to acknowledge one of South Africa’s leading writers Thando Mgqolozana who has been very vocal about change in our society and has assisted in the programming of this edition of the festival,” says Tiny Mungwe, festival manager at the Centre for Creative Arts. “The change is very big for us and by breaking from years of tradition we will have another set of operational challenges, but it is something we believe is absolutely crucial for the festival and for the face of literature in South Africa if we are to effect some kind of shift in our thinking.”






The Daily Vox is the official media partner of the 2016 Time of the Writer Festival. 


  1. Would like to post your program for tomorrow and rest of the week.
    would be great if we can copy paste it. Its very small on my phone and it wont enlarge to save the screen! loved the periscopeing today. who ever was doing it is a natural reporter/broadcaster/communicator! well done!

  2. Re Periscoping.
    how about doing sessions with the speakers so we can ask them questions? in tandom with youtube live streaming?
    Authors talking about their books/writing/decolonising etc writing in their own language and finding publishers. Universities have a big problem finding publishers if they are writing about decolonising/controversial/questioning the system subjects . this is a very important issue. And the role of social media and the internet and books. how to make money from writing? etc etc : )

    we who are fortunate to have lots of wifi [afrihost] to watch are happy to spread the word if you post details with the vid clips your posting and a program of when and whom or what event you will be periscoping…
    would be good to talk to the vox team about the festival. what their plans are and who they want to talk to? just suggesting : ) periscope is an amazing tool. the viewers messages go by way to fast if lots of questions are being asked. And after you have done your live streaming it is still there for people to watch what they missed. this might be posted on you f/bk twitter?


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