Did this man just light up a joint on TV?

On Monday, the beloved SABC held a live debate on the legalisation of marijuana in South Africa.

Towards the end of the debate between Andre du Plessis, aka a cannabis activist, and deputy chairperson of the Central Drug Authority (CDA) David Bayever, a visibly frustrated du Plessis is seen lighting up what appears to be a neatly rolled joint.
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It seemed du Plessis grew rather miffed when Bayever said the recent xenophobic attacks had delayed the CDA’s position paper on the topic.

Enough, it seemed to light up one on air.

Du Plessis told ENCA later on Monday that he had indeed lit up marijuana.

“I am done talking hey … the reality is that people smoke it, and I did,” he said.

Du Plessis said he smoked the joint on air because it was the best response to Bayever’s bullshit argument.

“This is the reality of cannabis while this man continues to blah blah blah.”

In the caption below the video published on YouTube, the broadcasting authority said it did not agree with getting high.

“The SABC Broadcaster and the SABC Newsroom does not condone the actions of our guest Andre Duplessis.”

Which is a pity, if you ask us.

Watch the video:

All images: Screenshots from the video via YouTube.