Discs over diapers: meet SA’s 2-year-old DJ

At an age where most kids are getting the hang of grammar and dropping their diapers, AJ Madumo Hlongwane is hanging headphones and dropping the bass in ways that David Guetta could only gurgle of at age two.

According to the Guardian, “DJ Arch Jr”, as he is affectionately known, began his jockeying-journey at two-months old, tinkering with a DJ app on his father’s iPad. Two years later, the little prodigy from Alexandra has already begun a DJing course at college and been inundated with offers of gigs.

A video featuring the little man went viral earlier this year, snagging him a much wider audience – his Facebook page quickly racked up more than 31,000 likes.

The only obstacle to Arch Jr’s stardom now (besides an 8pm bedtime) may be his father, Glen Hlongwane, who insists that: “He’s still two so I need to protect him. This business is not small.”

Something tells us the Deep House Mozart won’t be hampered by his protective dad.

– Featured image via Facebook.